Four moles in a line. Moles in the shape of a triangle: is it worth removing the sign of fate

Four moles in a line. Moles in the shape of a triangle: is it worth removing the sign of fate

On the body of each person there are marks left by God. At least, this is what the adherents of esoteric teachings think. Each mole carries a special meaning, sometimes means something that is unknown even to its bearer. It will not be superfluous to note that a lot of myths and true facts are connected with this, which cannot be ignored.

What does the location of moles on a woman's body mean?

What does a large number of moles on the body mean?

Quite recently, British scientists found out that a large number of "places of power" on the body speaks of a person's longevity. Studies have shown that such people even at 60 years old look relatively young. In addition, it is proof of a healthy heart muscle and sharp vision.

What do moles in the form of a triangle mean?

One of the most common shapes created by moles is the triangle. So, these are not afraid of change, they are ready, in which case, to start all over again from scratch, knowing that they will achieve what they want. The triangle is a symbol of determination.

What does a mole in the shape of a heart mean?

Such a romantic figure carries an equally good meaning: these people always remain the soul of the company, they are eagerly awaited and always want to see. In addition, for this person to be loved and give love to others is one of the main life tasks.

The most favorable sign is the location of honey and light brown formations in the lower part of the face.

For example, a mark in the chin area of ​​a girl signals that she is a sensitive lady who will have great love in the future.

The symbol of the left side of the face will tell about the possible difficulties that the girl will be able to overcome in the future.

The meaning of moles on the face in women is presented below:

  1. Between the eyebrows - promises a happy family life, a mark above the left eyebrow is a sign of mutual love, and above the right - promises health problems.
  2. On the temple. A sentimental lady will have a mole in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe left temple. If the right temple is marked by the presence of a massive spot with hair, this indicates an unhappy marriage.
  3. Eye zone. A pink nevus at the base of the eyes is a sign of creative people and philosophers. A mark in the outer corner is a sign of success in business.
  4. Eyeballs. The mark of the left eyeball portends good luck; if it is in the lower part, it promises a successful marriage.
  5. Above the lip on the left - speaks of the ambitious, complexly organized nature of the lady, but such a speck gives a special sexuality.
  6. The point in the nose area indicates that the woman is an optimistic, cheerful person.
  7. In the forehead area on the left side - a cozy family and healthy children, and in the center - numerous difficulties.
  8. Cheekbone area: on the left cheek speaks of an imperious and dominant woman. The nevus next to the right cheek is a sign of restraint and isolation.

Moles are not able to prophesy, but they are called upon to tell a lot about a person's tendency to disease.

Nevi in ​​the face of a man can tell a lot about his character, thereby making it clear to women what kind of person is in front of them.

Knowing the characteristics of moles in certain places on the face, one can draw up a characteristic picture of a male representative.

Note! Do you want to meet a determined and confident man? Take a closer look at the guys who have marks around the cheekbones.

Nevi are of great importance in the fate of a person. For example, three witch marks signal the presence of supernatural abilities and skills.

This is a point in the temple area, above the knee and upper lip area. The owners of this sign have a well-developed intuition, a penchant for magic and hypnosis.

Let us consider in more detail the list of meanings of moles covering the human body:

  1. On hands. The nevus on the left palm speaks of a hermit's lifestyle. Small nevi on the fingers - about high creativity.
    The inner side of the wrist with a dot is about the vulnerability and sensuality of the person, and the moles covering the hands are a symbol of fidelity.
  2. On foot. A mark in the heel area characterizes a resilient person, close to the foot - a highly intelligent person.
  3. On the buttocks. If a mole frames the left buttock, the woman is talented, devoid of laziness.
    If a brown dot is seen on the right of a man’s priests, this is a sign of insight and diligence.
  4. In an intimate place. Multiple points covering the labia of the girls signal a natural charm.
    If a man has a nevus near the penis, this is a sign of love.
  5. Nevi in ​​the armpit. Characterize attractive and generous personalities. If the spot is located next to the collarbone - a person has calmness and tranquility.

Nevuses located close to the abdomen also matter: for example, on the navel - a symbol of luck. This arrangement promises the owner a successful marriage with money.

Important! Particular attention should be paid to hanging, convex nevi. They can not only influence life from the point of view of fate, but from a medical point of view, because such moles are often dangerous.

People with moles next to their hips have a connection with the unknown world: they often have strange dreams, in addition, such individuals completely merge with nature and join art.

Every person has formations in the form of moles, they can be either permanent from birth or temporary. That is, suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappear. Some moles can really influence fate.

Seeing a similar formation on their body, many people wonder what moles in the form of a triangle mean. This arrangement of moles is quite common, but the triangle does not always mean something. Moles in the fateful triangle always have the same shape, color and size. If, for example, two moles are brown and one is red or blue, then such a formation is no longer considered a triangle. A birthmark, consisting of many moles in the form of spots, can also have a similar shape.

It is also important on which part of the body the triangle is located, whether it accompanies its owner through life, or has appeared recently. You also need to pay attention to the shape of the triangle itself, to what angles it has, sharp or obtuse. All these are details that must be taken into account when interpreting the location of moles. A triangular mole in the form of a birthmark characterizes its owner as a purposeful person who stubbornly achieves his goal. At the same time, he does not always make compromises, but only in cases where it is beneficial to himself. Such people have a sharp, mathematical mindset.

The location of moles in the form of a triangle almost always promises its owner good luck in business, as a rule, people who have a triangle on their body strive to get higher education. They are quite curious and learn new sciences and hobbies with interest. Among them, there are often those for whom age is not a barrier. They, despite their age, can start all over again, are not afraid of changes in life. If the triangle of moles is equilateral, then this means that its owner is straightforward in life, likes to tell the truth in the eye, for which he himself often suffers. Such people live primarily with feelings, and not with the mind, this often leads them into various difficult life situations.

The owners of a triangle of moles on their faces are considered happy people, luck itself goes into their hands, which often makes them callous and indifferent to someone else's misfortune. If the triangle has an elongated shape with an acute angle, then this may indicate that a person often encounters difficult obstacles in life in life. These are quite persistent people who, in spite of everything, go towards their goal.

Moles in the form of a triangle on the palm, which appeared suddenly, can be regarded as a warning, especially if they touch the life line. In this case, a person needs to be careful, not to do rash acts, not to risk how much in vain. Do not neglect your health, undergo an annual examination. This will help avoid or minimize the risk. If one of the moles forming a triangle disappears by itself, then it loses its meaning. This situation can also mean material difficulties in the future. If the whole triangle disappears from the palm of your hand, then this is a good sign, which means that the threat has passed and nothing threatens the person anymore.

The appearance of moles in the form of a triangle on the body, as a rule, is a good sign that has a positive effect on the fate and character of a person. Although there are exceptions to the rule. In any case, do not attach great importance to this.

Secret knowledge

Few people know that the science of moleosophy is engaged in the study of moles and other marks on the body, for example, scars, warts, scars and other skin changes. In ancient times, fate was predicted by the location of moles, but at present, moleosophy has become one of the methods for non-traditional diagnosis of certain diseases. And for predicting fate, and for determining the nature, and for diagnosis, not only the location of the nevi is important, but also their shape.

The most favorable are small, evenly colored moles of a rounded shape. Interestingly, such moles are the safest from a medical point of view - they rarely degenerate into malignant tumors.

Of course, it is unlikely that a modern person will seriously focus on moles when making a decision. Rather, in our time fortune-telling on moles is nothing more than a way to have fun. And yet, perhaps you should not neglect the information received during the half-joking study of your moles. How to know maybe birthmarks do they really carry any important information? The opposite has not been proven by anyone.

What do moles on the face tell

According to statistics, moles most often appear on the face and neck. Such moles cannot be hidden, and they can tell a lot about their owner. Many interpreters believe that moles in the upper part of the face are especially important in young years, moles near the eyes and on the cheeks - in adulthood, and moles in the lips and chin - closer to old age.

For example, a mole in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows will tell about outstanding abilities in the occult sciences, craving for knowledge and outstanding intuition. But if the mole is located on the temples, it indicates the increased sensitivity and vulnerability of its owner. The life of such people cannot be called easy, but constant spiritual growth allows the owners of moles on the temples to achieve harmony.

Moles in the middle part of the face

Often moles located on the eyelids. If the nevus is closer to the outer corner of the left eye, this indicates certain psychological problems of its owner. Often such people are tormented by feelings of guilt, as a rule - completely unfounded. A mole on the upper eyelid is a much more favorable sign. Such a mole will tell about the wonderful memory of its owner and his ability to benefit from any situation. But a mole on the lower left eyelid will tell about increased sensitivity. Such people tend to exaggerate their problems, "to make a molehill out of a molehill." As a rule, they are quite jealous.

Moles in the area of ​​​​the right eye have their own interpretation. If the nevus is located closer to the outer corner, this is a sign of an explosive, choleric temperament. A mole on the upper eyelid is characteristic of realistic natures who look at the world without rose-colored glasses. A mole under the right eye portends a happy family life if it is closer to the outer corner of the eye. If the mole is located under the right eye near the nose, then happiness in personal life is problematic: such people are prone to numerous intricate love relationships that do not bring satisfaction.

Owners of moles on the nose live interesting life their biggest enemy is boredom. If moles are located on the wings of the nose, this may portend scandalous love stories. Moles on the tip of the nose are a sign of craving for everything forbidden.

If the mole is located on the left cheekbone, its value is unfavorable, most likely the owner of such a mark will not be happy. If the mole is located on the right, this is a sign of a passionate nature. Such people give themselves up to their feelings without a trace, but they do not always think about what consequences their decisions will have. If the mole is a little lower, on the cheek, it will tell about the temper of its owner. Moles on the left cheek are a sign of a frivolous person.

Moles on lips and chin

Quite often, moles are located in the lip area. If the nevus is located in the center of the upper lip, it will tell that the person is freedom-loving and independent. A mole on the upper lip on the left, on the contrary, testifies to the softness of character and the desire to create a family. But the mole on the upper lip on the right is a sign of a special fate. What this fate will be, other nevi will tell the interpreter.

A mole in the right corner of the mouth speaks of the sexuality and sensuality of its owner. But the meaning of a mole in the left corner of the mouth reveals less pleasant secrets: those who have a mole located in such a place often treat their partner in a consumer way. Such people are usually treacherous and prone to adultery.

At the same time, a mole on the chin on the right is a sign of an exceptionally decent nature. People with a mole in the central part of the chin are conservative by nature. They are family oriented and traditional values. If the mole is on the chin on the left side, it indicates a desire for spiritual growth.

Moles on the neck

A woman with a mole on her neck is usually very charming. It is never boring with her, although she can hardly be called a reliable person. Often women with moles on their necks repeat the fate of their mothers. Men with moles on their necks are philosophers by nature. They are calm and reasonable, but the struggle is not their element. This is probably why they rarely achieve financial well-being.

A mole on the back of the neck portends financial difficulties throughout life. Any risk is strictly contraindicated for such people, they are strictly forbidden to invest in dubious enterprises, as well as to gamble. They should be frugal and treat money wisely. But a mole on the neck in front is a sign of wealth. For such people, money, as they say, "goes into their own hands." However, one cannot completely rely on luck, therefore, experts advise owners of a mole on the front surface of the neck not to waste money, but to invest profitably.

Moles on the body

The less noticeable the mole, the less important it is. Therefore, moles on the body affect the fate less than moles on the face.

And yet, their interpretation should not be neglected. For example, moles on the shoulders promise a life full of difficulties and hardships. If moles are located on the favorable side, then their negative meaning weakens. A serious warning - moles on the back. Multiple nevi in ​​the upper back means you need to be careful about your health. Moles in the middle of the back warn of the possibility of betrayal by the closest people. The owners of such moles need to develop in themselves such qualities as independence and self-sufficiency.

Moles in the lumbar region are more favorable. They will bring happiness to those who are ready to work honestly and conscientiously in the name of their goal. Such people should not chase "fast" money, they will succeed only through hard work and perseverance.

Moles on the back of the thigh speak of lack of sociability. Such people are quite self-sufficient, she does not need friends. A birthmark on a woman's right thigh often warns of difficulties in starting a family and having children.

Moles on your knees are a sign of impatience. Such people often make mistakes due to insufficient attention. A speck on the knee on the favorable side portends a happy marriage.

Quite often, moles are located on the genitals. Such moles are a sign of sexuality and love of love. As a rule, they bring their owners good luck in love affairs.

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Almost every person has them and can be either single or gather in groups, forming entire constellations of moles. So there can be moles in a circle, a cross, rhombuses and many other shapes. All of them carry a semantic load and are able to tell about the character of a person and even predict fate. What do moles with a triangle mean? Find out the versions of their meaning in this article.

Moles with a triangle: versions of their meaning

If you have moles in a triangle, then this can be both a positive sign and a negative one. Depending on its location, it can affect the fate of a person in different ways. There are still disputes about what carries moles with a triangle.

Some believe that such a sign enhances the energy characteristics, especially of the area where this sign is located.

Others believe that moles in a triangle are a sign that a person has the ability to communicate with a higher mind, with the inhabitants of the other world. Therefore, such people can more than become fortunetellers, psychics and predictors of the future.

According to the third version, people with this sign appear with an Indigo aura and have abilities that are not available to ordinary people.

The fourth version says that this sign simply increases the influence on the fate of a person of the area in which this sign is located. So, for example, if moles are located in a triangle in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe palm, then this promises success in communication and interaction with people. If such a sign is located on the head, then it guarantees high mental activity and further success in the field of science.

Are triangular moles dangerous?

It is worth saying that not all moles that are grouped or located near each other can be called a triangle. Only those that are the same can be considered a triangle of moles. That is, the same color, size and circumference. In another case, it is just a group of adjacent moles.

No matter how great the importance of moles on the character and fate of a person is, it is in our power to change this. And not only by removing birthmarks, but simply by moral and spiritual attitude. You should not give too serious importance to moles, as symbols of fate, but take the reins of government into your own hands. But it is worth monitoring the condition and change of moles. Any change in the size, color, shape, or tenderness of a mole is a reason to see a doctor. Otherwise, a simple change in a birthmark can lead to an oncological disease called melanoma, which is easier to treat in the early stages.

Since ancient times, people have studied moles, their meaning and influence on the character and fate of a person. It was believed that a mole can not only tell about a person, but also tell what awaits him in the future. Much depends on the location of the mole. For example, on the face or body. Or the size and color of the mole. For example, pink or brown. However, the greatest attention and importance was given to the configuration of the birthmark. It is she who carries most of the information.

Types of moles with a triangle

Moles on the human body can be completely different, and also change throughout life, appear and disappear. As already mentioned, moles differ in appearance. Namely, by color, size, configuration, as well as by location on the body. In this regard, several types of moles can be distinguished.

Vascular moles in the form of a triangle. They form on the surface of the skin and are pink in color as well as red in color. Most often, vascular moles are red and hanging. Also, such moles are called hemangioma.

Flat moles with a triangle are the most common type of moles that form on the surface of the human skin. Such moles do not cause inconvenience to their owner, do not grow during life, do not react to the sun's rays, and over time can disappear on their own.

Convex moles with a triangle are formed in the deep layers of the skin and have a bumpy or slightly convex surface. As a rule, such moles have one or more growing hairs in their diameter.

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Blue moles in a triangle. The name speaks for itself. Such moles have a color from blue to deep blue. They are different in shape and size. They are flat, and they are convex in the form of spheres.

Dark spots. Such moles are large and, as a rule, are congenital in nature and increase in size with age. Such moles are brown or black in color, which can change over time - lighten or darken.

This is just a small list of moles that are. You can also highlight moles in the form of constellations, numbers, moles in the form of an animal silhouette, moles in the form of geometric shapes, and so on.

What does a mole in the form of a triangle mean?

A mole in the form of a triangle characterizes its owner as a person with stable moral principles, which he tries to observe throughout his life. Such people are morally stable and are not scattered over trifles. And it is also believed that a mole in the form of a triangle brings happiness to its owner.

By the appearance and location of a mole, you can tell a lot about a person’s character, and sometimes predict the future. And yet, moles are an integral part of the human body. Therefore, you should carefully and reverently treat your body and the moles on it.

Moles are growths on a person's skin that appear at birth or throughout life. Over the course of a lifetime, moles can appear and disappear, as well as change. Moles are distinguished by color, size and shape. There are moles in the form of numbers, a heart, the outlines of animals or other objects. Depending on the shape and location of moles, one can judge the character of a person and his fate.

Classification of moles in the form of a triangle according to the location

Let's try to classify moles. Moles can be distinguished by the following signs:

By location. According to the location on the human body, we can distinguish:

Moles on the head and face of a person

Moles on hands

Moles on the legs

Moles on the stomach

Moles on the back

Moles on the buttocks

Moles on the chest

Moles in intimate places

Moles are distinguished by size:



Large (birthmarks)

Moles are also distinguished by color:

Red or pink moles. They are also called vascular moles. They appear on the surface of the skin and are usually pendulous.

Brown moles.

Black moles.

Blue moles. They are the deepest.

According to the configuration of the mole, they distinguish:

Correct form

Geometric shape (circle, square, triangle and others)

Moles in the form of constellations

Moles in the form of numbers

Moles resembling the outlines of animals

Moles resembling a map and others

Mole in the form of a triangle or just 3 moles

Like the location and configuration of a mole, it affects the character of a person and determines his fate (as was believed in ancient times).

The owner of a mole in the form of a unit is distinguished by aggressiveness and decisiveness in his actions. Such a person is prone to cruelty and can commit criminal offenses. He is hot-tempered and ambitious.

People who have a mole in the form of the number two are inconsistent in their thoughts and actions. They are distinguished by confusion of thoughts and frivolity, capable of betrayal and betrayal. However, they are endowed with artistry and eloquence.

A person who has moles in the form of a triangle or the number three is a person of a creative profession who easily adapts to environmental conditions. Such people like to relax and be in society, communicate and interact with people.

It is often possible to confuse three moles located next to each other and moles in the form of a triangle. Moles in the shape of a triangle must necessarily be of the same color, size and bulge. Otherwise, these are just moles that are close to each other.

What do moles with a triangle mean? People have been looking for an answer to this question since ancient times. They associated their appearance with the character of a person and his fate. It was also believed that a triangle of moles could tell about the person himself and what awaits him in the future.

No matter what the moles portend, they must be handled carefully and carefully. Most often, moles on the hands are injured. It is impossible to self-medicate and treat such a mole with alcohol solutions. You need to put on a temporary bandage and see a doctor. If there are many moles, their owners should use protective creams, they should not sunbathe for a long time.

A lot of things depend on where the mole is located. For example, it can be a face or another part of the body. The size and color of the mole also plays an important role. But the configuration of the birthmark was given the closest attention. For example, moles with a triangle on the arm aroused particular interest. Most of the information was placed in them.

Moles located on the human body can be completely different. In addition, they have the ability to change shape and location throughout life. They can both appear and disappear. Moles have differences in appearance. Their color, size, configuration and location on the body differ from each other. People know several types of moles. The formation of red vascular moles, which is one of the types, occurs on the surface of the skin of the human body. They are most often hanging. They are also popularly called hemangioma.

The most common type of moles that form on human skin are flat moles. Such moles do not cause any inconvenience to their owner, they do not tend to grow throughout life, they have no reaction to the sun's rays, and after a while they may disappear on their own. They are owners of a bumpy and somewhat convex surface. As a rule, moles of this type have growing hairs in their diameter.

Moles, which are located in the form of a triangle, are characteristic of people who have stable moral principles, which they adhere to all their lives. This type of people is morally stable. Representatives of this type do not like to be scattered over trifles. And it is also believed that moles resembling a triangle can bring happiness to their owner. A rather controversial symbol is a triangle of moles. Because it has sharp corners. Its influence on the course of events can be both positive and negative.

Without a doubt, harmonious signs in the form of an oval and a circle are considered more favorable signs. First of all, the triangle of moles has the ability to enhance the energy characteristics of the chakras, if, of course, it is located in their locations. The second assumption is a version concerning the provision of communication with the help of a triangle of moles with the Higher Mind and other subtle matters. They even include extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to the third version, the owner of the mysterious triangle belongs to the "Indigo", and moles are evidence of this. The fourth version says that the union of three moles enhances the influence on the fate of a person, depending on the area of ​​\u200b\u200btheir location. So, for example, a person who has a mysterious triangle located on the hand is patronized by Lady Luck and Happy Chance at the same time. He is just a real lucky guy!

In the Middle Ages, large moles and figures from them were considered marks of the devil. Their owner could be persecuted by the Inquisition and even be executed. The reason for such superstitions is fear and ignorance. But even in our time, 2/3 of the population continues to believe in omens.

It is believed that moles located in a triangle on the face or hands have the most pronounced influence on the fate of a person. According to many people, they bring happiness, success, luck, joy and wealth to the life of their owner, who is open, creative, easily able to adapt to any situation. This is a happy coincidence or a sign of fate - in any case, you yourself need to decide how to relate to such an arrangement of moles on the body.

Moles in the form of a triangle are an unusual sign made up of identical nevi located close to each other.

It is believed that it brings good luck to its owner.

But sometimes even from such a favorable mark of fate a real danger can come, which you need to be able to recognize in time.

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Each person can find several moles on his body. They may differ in size, shape, color, located in different areas.

But the greatest interest is always caused by nevi (namely, as it is customary to call moles in medicine), which form well-distinguishable figures with their location: a rhombus, a triangle, a cross, constellations.

It is to such moles that fateful meanings are attributed, endowed with a symbolic meaning.

The focus of this article is a triangle of moles, the meaning of this sign and some features that the owner of such a mark needs to know.

Types of nevi

Even one person can have moles on the body that are completely different in appearance: color, size, degree of bulge, etc.

And in medicine, a fairly large number of their varieties are known.

by color

The color of the nevus is determined by its structure:

  1. red moles - the color intensity of such nevi can vary from pink to maroon. Such nevi are formed as a result of a violation in the functioning of blood vessels, most often they are convex or hanging;
  2. pigmented moles - formed by the accumulation of pigment in skin cells. The more it is, the darker the color of the nevus. The color can be from pale brown to almost black. Such moles may fade over time or, conversely, darken by several shades, which will not be a sign of pathology;
  3. blue (blue) nevi - can form as a spot or nodule on the skin, color from pale blue to deep blue. They are also formed by pigment, but located in the cells of the deep layers of the dermis.

To size

Depending on the size of the mole, it is customary to subdivide into:

  • small - up to 1.5 cm in diameter;
  • medium - up to 10 cm;
  • large - over 10 cm;
  • giant - occupy the anatomical part of the body (arm, leg, torso).

By localization on the body

A nevus can be located anywhere on the body.

The palms, soles of the feet, genitals, the mucous membrane of the eye are no exception; in some people, moles have chosen these particular areas.

The risk of injury largely depends on the location of the nevus.

So, moles, which are located in places of friction of clothes, in areas of shaving, on the scalp, are most susceptible to accidental damage.

Often, it is the unsuccessful localization of the nevus that serves as a direct indication for its removal.

In the form of figures

Sometimes, in the mutual arrangement of moles, an attentive eye can distinguish any figure.

It can be a group of nevi in ​​the form of a triangle, square, rhombus, trapezium.

  • Sometimes in a placer of nevi you can guess a certain constellation, the most recognizable of which is the Big Dipper bucket.
  • Behind the location of the moles, you can see the outlines of numbers, crosses, any animals or objects.
  • Sometimes the configuration of the nevus itself resembles familiar outlines - a heart, a star, a bird, flames, a month, etc.

It is these nevi that carry a semantic load, according to people involved in the study of moles.

There is even a whole direction - moleosophy - for the study of pigment formations, their meanings and influence on the fate and character of a person.

What is the danger

The main danger of any nevus is the potential for its degeneration into a malignant formation.

  • As proven by medicine, congenital moles are practically not dangerous and do not change throughout life. The only exceptions are giant nevi or moles from the category of melanoma-dangerous (nevus of Ota, dysplastic nevus, Dubrey's melanosis, etc.).
  • Acquired nevi (which occurred during the life of the owner) require closer attention and possibly even specialist advice.
  • Especially dangerous are moles that are convex, hanging, located on those parts of the body where they are easy to accidentally injure or cut. These are moles in the armpits, inguinal region, under the breasts in women, in the scalp, in those areas of the face of men that are regularly shaved.

Sometimes this is in a good way take care of your health in advance.

After any injury, even minor in your opinion, the process of rebirth can begin in the mole.

Excessive insolation (staying under the sun's rays during the period of their greatest activity), sun or thermal burns, and radiation can also contribute to this.

Usually, a mole that has begun to be reborn manifests itself in any changes:

  • begins to hurt, itch, abscess;
  • increases in size or, conversely, becomes smaller and disappears;
  • dries up, cracks, tubercles appear on the surface;
  • changes color (turns red or black);
  • bleeding or suppuration;
  • the edges of the mole become uneven, visible asymmetry may appear.

Any changes in the appearance of a mole or sensations that appear in it should be the reason for an immediate appeal to a specialist for advice.

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What do moles in the form of a triangle mean

First of all, it should be noted that not all moles that form a triangle can be considered as such by value.

  • These should be 3 identical in size, color, shape of the nevus, the connection of which with an imaginary line will give a triangular shape.
  • These three moles in the shape of a triangle should be located close to each other on one part of the body (on the arm, leg, torso, face, etc.).

Now consider what the nevi mean in this configuration. The number "three" has been magical since ancient times. Enough to remember folk tales, where a triple repetition is an obligatory part of the plot (three sons, three trials, etc.).

So moles in the form of a triangle are a very strong energy sign.

  • It is generally accepted that the triangle of moles carries positive energy and has a favorable meaning for the owner.
  • If such a triangle is located on the hand in the region of the back of the hand, then Lady Luck will patronize the person in any of his affairs, even the most unpromising ones.

But in fact, the triangle of moles is one of the ambiguous figures in interpretation. Here a lot depends on the individual characteristics of this sign. This refers not only to its location, but also to the characteristics of the corners (acute, obtuse, straight), as well as the direction of the top up or down.

All these features are of great importance, therefore, in a particular case, the interpretation of this sign can be very different.

  • People with a triangle of moles on their bodies are characterized by purposefulness, they consistently overcome obstacles on the way to a big goal, using innate sharpness of mind for this. The owners of isosceles triangles are straightforward, which often complicates their life path, complicates relationships with others.
  • A triangle on the face can be a sign of a rather callous and indifferent person to others. But such traits are rather not a feature of character, but a consequence of the habit that luck itself goes into the hands. Such people are sure that everything is just as easy for others, so they simply do not consider it necessary to sympathize and empathize.
  • In a woman, a triangle on her cheek can mean a large friendly family. The patronage of this sign is manifested in this case precisely in family relationships.
  • Moles with a triangle on the arm - the mark of the master. It doesn’t matter what skill a given person has, “golden hands” will say about him. But not always this mark carries a positive meaning. A sharpie, a pickpocket are also "masters" of their "business". So, if you are familiar with a person who has a triangle on his left hand, be careful. If the triangle is located on the right hand, this is a sign of creative energy, a creative, spiritualized figure.
  • A good sign is the location of the triangle of moles on the neck, it promises not only good luck, but also wealth, and even abundance. But such a mark on the stomach cannot be fully called happy. Most often, it denotes love and a frequent change of partners, although who knows what happiness is?
  • Moles on the back in general most often indicate betrayal by relatives and friends. A triangle can smooth out this value and even become a kind of security sign against betrayal. But here much depends on its form. It is better if it is acute-angled and located with the top up.
  • Few people know what the sign that is formed by moles on their body means. Whether it's good or bad, it's hard to say, it's an eternal debate about whether fate determines a person's life or whether he decides his own destiny.

In any case, if your sign is interpreted in an unfavorable way for you, you can always show character and prove that you yourself are the arbiter of your own destiny.

Is it possible to delete

Basically, the question of removing moles is in the following cases:

  • the nevus is poorly located, prone to accidental injury;
  • the nevus is a pronounced cosmetic defect;
  • changes have occurred in the nevus, there is a high risk of degeneration into a malignant formation.

If the mole has changed, swollen, inflamed, hurts, then its treatment means the removal of a dangerous nevus.

No means effective in relation to other inflammatory diseases, in this case, not only will not help, but can also lead to an acceleration of malignant processes.

It's just as dangerous to use prescriptions traditional medicine for problematic nevi or remove them yourself using folk methods.

The fact is that melanoma (an oncological disease that develops from dangerous moles) progresses very quickly, so you should not delay professional treatment in order to have a better chance of a favorable outcome.

In the case of moles located in a triangle, it must be borne in mind that the doctor will recommend the removal of all three nevi, since they often have common “roots”.

The specialist will give advice on how to remove the mole. Depending on its condition, you can choose the most suitable for you.

The two most popular methods are:

  • laser removal - painless and bloodless, leaving virtually no marks on the skin;
  • surgical excision - most suitable for dangerous nevi, makes it possible to perform a histological examination of the excised material, but leaves noticeable scars.

There are other methods:

  • cryodestruction;
  • radioknife;
  • electrocoagulation.

Each has its pros and cons, which should be discussed with your doctor.

A triangle of moles is a really unusual mark on your body. Well, if such a mark is your unique feature and brings good luck.

But in case of danger emanating from at least one of the moles in this group, it is better to get rid of the entire triangle, no matter how sorry you are to part with it.

Health is always more important. And in place of this amazing sign, it will be possible to subsequently make a tattoo, thus returning it to its original place.

Video: “Dangerous moles! Is it worth removing and how to recognize melanoma in time?

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