Divination from Josephine's paintings. Fortune telling by Josephine Beauharnais

Divination from Josephine's paintings. Fortune telling by Josephine Beauharnais

For divination, Josephine Beauharnais used a deck of cards cut in half. Each card depicted a special symbol that had a certain meaning, moreover, the cut line divided the image into two parts. To predict the future, one had to shuffle the halves of the cards, focusing on a particular issue or simply thinking about one's future, and then arrange the halves in rows. The result should be 9 rows of 4 "cards" of two halves in each.

If you wish, you can use this method yourself by making a deck according to the Beauharnais method. After finishing the calculation, you need to see if the two halves are connected into one card. All "whole" cards should be taken into account in the interpretation. They will be the prediction.

Sometimes it happens that when using Josephine's fortune-telling, there is not a single “card” connected by two halves in the layout. This means that the future is not yet known. In this case, the alignment can be repeated later.

The meanings of the cards in the divination of Josephine Beauharnais

Particular attention should be paid to the interpretation of images obtained by joining the two halves. Below are the symbols and their meanings.

Crown - you will succeed

Question - an interesting acquaintance

Border - the upcoming test or choice will affect your entire future life

Road - you have a trip

Spruce - loneliness awaits you

Woman - a certain lady who can interfere with you will take part in your affairs

Castle - put the cards aside for a while, the alignment should be repeated later

Snake - someone is plotting and weaving intrigues behind your back

Ring - a good relationship with a lover or a promising acquaintance

Bonfire - excessive temper and emotionality can upset your business

Book - career and money

Bell - they gossip about you

Crown - you can quickly make a career

To well done - a serious test awaits you

Ship - you need to take control of the situation

Key - you will receive information that will improve your position

Moon - problems will be solved within a month

The mask is an interesting stranger

Coin - solve problems with money

Penguin - an experienced friend or mentor will help you

Letter - a long-awaited event will happen

Horseshoe - good luck awaits you

Glass - fun, holiday

Heart - listen to your intuition

Dove - peace and tranquility

Arrow - a quarrel awaits you

Sun - good luck and happiness

Saber - scandal or breakup

Candle - ask your question again, formulating it more clearly

Flag - you will win

Skull - an illness can frustrate your plans

Table - monetary well-being

Clock - you can not hesitate to make a decision, time is running out

Church - turn to the Higher powers for advice or pray

Chains - help relatives and do not be afraid to turn to them for help

Anchor - put problems aside for a while, they cannot be solved now.

In France in the 19th century, people were seriously interested in different kinds of predictions. Many people believe that Josephine Beauharnais's fortune-telling online for free, which is available to everyone today, came from there. It is named after Napoleon's wife. They say that the famous fortune-teller Maria Lenormand, who was friends with her, came up with it.

The legend says that Josephine, who had already become the empress by that time, was often alone, and in order to somehow get rid of him, she played this solitaire. Now it is impossible to say for sure whether it is true or not, but it has survived to this day and has remained quite popular. Many features and rules of this magical ritual have already been forgotten, but the basic principles have come down slightly modified. Now you can make a deal online, without even leaving your home.

There are also real cards created specifically for this prediction. So the virtual is practically no different from the real. If you bought a suitable deck, you will need to cut each card diagonally in half. After that, the triangles are laid out in rows of ten pieces one under the other and turned over in turn. If they do not match, the cards are set aside.

In the online scenario for the future, everything is much simpler. Formulate the question to which you most want to get an answer. The wording must be clear and specific. If desired, shuffle the deck and click on it. Paired characters will be displayed immediately, and below you will see a detailed interpretation.

The answer obtained through this well-known ritual often helps to make right choice in some matter of life. You can find out what awaits you, how things will turn out. In addition, hidden moments of fate will be revealed. Higher forces will help in this way to prepare, if necessary, for difficulties, obstacles, which means that it will be easier to overcome them.

It is worth recalling once again that the most important thing is the question that needs an answer. If you formulated your wish, request incorrectly, vaguely, then the cards may give a blurry or incorrect answer.

The alignment does not always match the first time, and clear pictures emerge, so you have to do it before the first match. But the virtual Oracle itself can warn you that fortune-telling should be repeated a little later, your time has not come yet. The future is not as mysterious as we think. Still, if you want, you can easily look there.

Click on the card

Shuffle deck

Nothing fell out, shuffle the cards and click on the deck again

  • Crown- you will be successful
  • Question- interesting acquaintance
  • Pigeon- peace and tranquility
  • The border- the upcoming test or choice will affect your entire future life
  • Road- you are going to travel
  • Spruce- loneliness awaits you
  • Woman- a certain lady who can interfere with you will take part in your affairs
  • Lock- put the cards aside for a while, the alignment should be repeated later
  • Snake- someone plots and weaves intrigues behind your back
  • Key- you will receive information that will improve your situation
  • Book career and money
  • Well- a serious test awaits you
  • Bell- they gossip about you
  • Ring- a good relationship with a lover or a promising acquaintance
  • Ship- Take control of the situation
  • Crown- you can quickly make a career
  • Bonfire- excessive temper and emotionality can upset your business
  • Moon- problems will be solved within a month
  • Mask- interesting stranger
  • Coin- solve problems with money
  • Penguin- an experienced friend or mentor will help you
  • Letter- the long-awaited event will happen
  • Horseshoe- luck awaits you
  • Glass- fun, holiday
  • Saber- scandal or breakup
  • Candle- ask your question again, formulating it more clearly
  • Heart- listen to your intuition
  • Sun- luck and happiness
  • Table- financial well-being
  • Arrow- a quarrel awaits you
  • Flag- you will win
  • chains Help your family and don't be afraid to ask them for help
  • Church- turn to the Higher powers for advice or pray
  • Watch- you can not hesitate to make a decision, time is running out
  • Scull- illness can derail your plans
  • Anchor- put problems aside for a while, now they can not be solved

One of the wives of Napoleon Bonaparte, Josephine, is known not only because she was married to the famous emperor. This woman was very fond of magical rites and all kinds of divination. She even knew Madame Lenormand, who is considered the creator of tarot cards. She is credited with creating the Josephine solitaire divination, which is popular all over the world with girls who want to know more about their future.

Biography of Josephine

This amazing woman was born in 1763. Her real name is Marie Rose Joseph Tache de la Pagerie. At 16, she married Alexandre de Beauharnais, taking his last name. In a marriage with him, Josephine had two children, but after 6 years the couple separated.

Due to false testimony, de Beauharnais was recognized as an enemy of the people, because of which Josephine was sentenced to death. The verdict was overturned after the political upheaval in France.

Josephine met Napoleon through her lover, the Viscount de Barras. She was several years older than him, but this did not interfere with her feelings, in 1796 their wedding took place.

But the marriage could hardly be called happy, since Napoleon was constantly at war. And his wife Josephine spent large sums on entertainment and led a wild life, cheating on her husband. Napoleon wanted to dissolve the marriage, but at some point he changed his mind. But after that, their relationship changed dramatically, Bonaparte himself also began to look for connections on the side. However, they divorced anyway, the main reason being that the couple couldn't have children. Josephine died on her estate in 1814, a few years after her divorce.

Bonaparte's wife had a strange hobby since childhood - she was very fond of magic and sincerely believed in all sorts of predictions or divination. Among her acquaintances were those who dealt with them professionally, in particular, Madame Lenormand. And there is also a legend that in childhood she was predicted to become not just famous, but more than a queen. And so it happened. It is believed that it was she who invented the famous fortune-telling, which is called Josephine Beauharnais solitaire. For this fortune-telling, tarot cards are used or cards are drawn by hand.

Solitaire 40 cards

The principle of divination in this case is quite simple. Need to prepare 40 special playing cards tarot (or others with images of symbols). You need to choose a deck that is not a pity, because the cards will have to be cut in two. Then they are mixed and laid out in four rows. In total, 10 cards should come out in each row, laid out from random halves.

The prediction of the future depends on the combination of the halves.

If you guess not online, where all the actions are thought out by the machine, but manually using special cards, then you definitely need to know what this or that card means. solitaire madam Josephine has the following interpretation, depending on which cards match in it:

To believe or not to believe fortune-telling - the girl decides on her own. If there are no special cards at hand and there is not enough time, then you can find Josephine Beauharnais' fortune-telling online and tell fortunes using flash technologies, performing all the actions that will be indicated on the screen.

Divination on a similar principle

In addition to the original solitaire, there are other fortune telling that work on its principle. Beauharnais solitaire in their case is the basis, while they can be carried out both online on specialized sites, and independently. There are girls who do not recognize Internet options and believe only in the results of classic fortune-telling.

In the first case, fortune telling looks like this:

And if not a single card matches during fortune-telling, you can repeat the layout. Each time the cards are shuffled, they need to be charged with energy each time approximately 5 minutes. If this step is skipped, the results will be inaccurate.

With such solitaire, it is impossible to write about death among the questions about the future. It is not recommended to do this due to the fact that it is very difficult to look beyond the other side of being without special energy training.

There is also a light version of this divination. It differs from the previous one in that only 10 leaves or cards participate in it and it concerns only heart issues. After all, they are most often interested in girls.

Many try to translate such fortune-telling into money. However, experts do not recommend doing this, especially for beginners. If for the first time not a single card matched, and then this situation repeats several times in a row, this does not mean that fortune-telling does not work. The problem may lie in the fact that the person was simply distracted by his questions and did not focus on fortune-telling. You can shift the cards again or try to tell fortunes in a different way.

Solitaire Josephine Beauharnais - a very popular divination, which, unlike many others, has its own unique story. Indeed, if you believe its origin, it was invented by the wife of the legendary Napoleon Bonaparte herself.

Attention, only TODAY!

The history of all of Europe in the eighteenth century is connected with the name of this woman. Josephine Beauharnais is the same Josephine, the wife of the great Emperor of France Napoleon I Bonaparte, her importance and influence on the world politics of her time and the history of the world as a whole cannot be overestimated.

“Josephine is a talisman given to me by fortune, only to her alone I owe my greatest exaltation,” wrote Napoleon. It was Josephine who inspired the great Napoleon. Before each battle, the emperor took out her portrait and prayed for him, as if for an icon. He wrote to her from every station where he changed horses.

However, Madame de Beauharnais became famous not only for this.

Josephine was a superstitious woman, believed in fate and divination, paid much attention to magic and cards.

She also visited the fortune teller Madame Lenormand (a fortune teller who predicted the French defeat in Russia, the loss of the crown by Napoleon, his parting with Josephine).

But Josephine herself knew how to guess perfectly. She even invented her own method, called divination by Josephine de Beauharnais, and referred to as solitaire. If you learn it, you can easily, quickly and for free predict the future on the maps, moreover, very accurately.

Josephine's divination secrets

For fortune-telling, you need to lay out cards like solitaire. At the same time, French cards are used, they do not have the usual drawings and images of suits. The cards are cut in half with sharp scissors and carefully shuffled. Next - solitaire is laid out in eight rows. The cards that lay down with their halves - and there is a prediction that should be interpreted.

You can, in principle, do without scissors - the Internet is full of sites offering free online solitaire.

If another person is guessing for you - do not let him work for free - this is a bad omen.

Interpretation of results

It is not enough to find cards whose halves matched; Josephine Beauharnais' fortune-telling consists mainly in interpreting the results.

Each card has its own meaning, in the case of online divination, you do not need to look for them, the program will tell and show the values ​​​​automatically. If you are guessing on real cards, you can peep the meanings of the cards online.

So, for example, "Clover" is a sign of hope and expectation, close happiness. Neighborhood with good cards is a good sign, plans will come true, with bad ones - plans must be urgently corrected, or troubles cannot be avoided. Profit and success in business, do not close yourself from communication with others.

"Horseman" - changes, movement, news flow. In the scenario for personal life - changes, new relationships. On business - new ideas about a career, promotion, business trips and trips.

"Ship" means wealth and travel. Success in business, prospects for growth and development. The desire for change, the ability to soon get rich in trade.

"Home" is family and stability. Reliability, successful completion of unfinished business, indispensable and quick success. Peace and confidence.

"Tree" - hidden, but steadily growing potential, vitality, hidden potential and opportunities. Stable income, wisdom and experience.

"Clouds" - future troubles, crises. Inconstancy and disharmony. Neighboring cards will reliably tell you where the trouble comes from. Possible health problems, checking loved ones for loyalty. "Snake" means lies, flattery, betrayal. An important warning about a cunning enemy whose deceit weighs on you. Be careful. In love - acute tension, intensity of passion and sexual charisma.

Fortune-telling by Josephine Beauharnais was passed down from generation to generation, on the maternal side. Card solitaire for predicting future events gained popularity thanks to the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Empress made important decisions by talking with unknown forces, asking for advice from the cards.

The brilliant Empress of France, the wife of the great commander José-Marie-Rosa de la Pagerie, was born on the island of Martinique in the family of a poor but noble nobleman. The father early married the girl to Viscount Alexander de Beauharnais. In marriage, Josephine Beauharnais gave birth to two beautiful children - a son and a daughter. Quiet, measured family life could not resonate with the violent, passionate nature of a woman. The union broke up, and the former spouse patronized Madame Beauharnais in every possible way, provided her financially.

After the political upheavals, Josephine was lucky enough to stay at court. There she met the young Napoleon Bonaparte, who later became emperor, and Madame Beauharnais, the first lady of France.

Success with men, dexterity in political and love affairs are associated with Josephine Beauharnais's penchant for hoaxes and fortune-telling; at court, she had a personal fortune-teller - Madame Lenormand. The morning of the empress began with predictions for the coming day. Josephine made decisions about which dress to wear or played solitaire in order to get political advice for her husband.

What cards to guess and how to prepare

You should first prepare before playing Beauharnais solitaire:

  • in Josephine's prediction, they are guided by the phases of the moon - the most favorable moment for looking into the future is the eve of the full moon;
  • conduct fortune-telling alone to ensure a strong energy flow, concentration of thoughts;
  • a quiet moonlit night is the perfect time to retire and spend fortune telling on fate cards;
  • knots prevent energy from entering the body of the predictor, you should untie your hair, loosen knots, belts on clothes, do not cross your arms and legs, remove jewelry, Orthodox symbols;
  • Friday and Saturday are considered unfavorable days of the week for the rite of divination Beauharnais. On church holidays, it is necessary to refrain from playing Josephine's solitaire;
  • lit candles mean purity of intentions, give protection from evil forces that confuse the answers of the cards;
  • truthful, honest answers can be obtained from fortune-telling in the autumn-winter months - the moon is strong at this time of the year;
  • the mind must be cleared of extraneous thoughts. You should not play solitaire in a bad mood, without a clear formulation of the question.

Online solitaire games simplify the process, since fortunetelling by Josephine de Beauharnais involves cutting pictures diagonally.

In the old days, careful preparation was required for the process of obtaining predictions. Each time a new deck was used, the pictures were cut. In online mode, the computer performs the Beauharnais layout and cuts the cards on its own.

To get an accurate, truthful answer, it is worth preparing attributes for fortune-telling by Lady Josephine Beauharnais with your own hands - this is how a magical connection with cards and ancient legends is preserved.

Solitaire rules and instructions

The principles of fortune-telling by Josephine Beauharnais to determine the future, resolve controversial issues are simple:

  1. Formulate a question about the situation of interest.
  2. Josephine's cards, in the amount of 40 pieces, are cut into halves of a triangular shape, then mixed thoroughly.
  3. Lay out triangles of ten pieces in each row.
  4. Turn the cards of Lady Beauharnais in turn, the matching halves are set aside for further interpretation of the meanings.
  5. Symbols can predict the fate of not only a fortuneteller, but also a close friend or relatives.
  6. One question can only be asked once during a session.
  7. When performing fortune-telling for another person, you should definitely pay a symbolic fee to the soothsayer. It can be a sweet or a small coin.

The fortune-telling ritual of Josephine Beauharnais is a sacred action. Do not involve doubting, mocking people or opponents of fortune-telling.

If you get unpleasant results, you should not despair, because everything in life changes. The future depends on the desire, faith in oneself, the efforts made. Fortune telling will help you understand your feelings, tell you how to act, but will not replace actual efforts to get what you want.

Interpretation of the results of divination by Josephine de Beauharnais

Deciphering the prediction according to the method of Empress Josephine will not be difficult for a beginner in the field of predictions. The exact meaning of the cards is given in the table:

Depiction in divination Beauharnais Interpretation of the dropped card
Ring Success in love affairs, relationships will end favorably - with a wedding and prosperity in marriage.
Laurel wreath A person is destined for the fate of a public, famous person, universal love and adoration, according to the fortune-telling of Lady Josephine.
Road A long journey or journey in order to gain what you want.
Crown The fortune-telling of Madame Beauharnais prophesies success in working moments, an early career advancement.
line, edge The end of a certain stage, the beginning of a new life.
Key Josephine's prediction prophesies an early resolution of the problem of interest in a favorable manner.
Horseshoe Fortune telling speaks of good luck in all endeavors.
Wineglass There is a big feast or festive event coming up.
Sun Peace and tranquility in life.
Scull Severe illness with the possibility of death.
Snake In a close environment there is a traitor or an enemy who will soon bring trouble into the life of a fortuneteller according to the method of Josephine de Beauharnais. Treason, betrayal of a spouse.
Mask The decisive meeting will turn fate, change the course of events.
female face A hindrance, failures occur thanks to an evil woman, fortune-telling Madame Beauharnais warns.
Penguin Advice that you should definitely heed in order to avoid misfortune.
Ship Sudden events can come to a measured life, not always in a positive way.
Arrow A sharp question, unexpected news prophesies lady Josephine's fortune-telling.
Saber, sword Discord, quarrels, betrayal, scandals in the house.
Anchor The call to stop and look around is the solution.
Church Only prayers and repentance will help to deal with pressing problems, Lady Josephine's fortune-telling suggests.
Flag A symbol of victory in all matters.
Heart Trust yourself, look inside. The right answer will come, Madame Beauharnais advises fortune-telling.
Coin Only material values ​​will help resolve the issue.
Watch Time does not wait - you need to quickly deal with problems, Lady Josephine's fortune-telling advises.
Bell Gossips gather around, slander evil speeches, reducing authority and respect for a person.
chains Relatives will help to get rid of the heaviness on the heart.
Wood The prediction of Josephine de Beauharnais predicts loneliness due to career success.
Well A number of unsolvable problems, it is worth retreating from the planned actions.
Book Financial difficulties of a long-term nature.
Fire Strong scandals, emotional skirmishes, contention.
Question mark The appearance of a stranger prophesies the divination of Beauharnais.
Moon Wait at least a month for a solution.
letter, envelope Expect a fix to the issue soon.
Pigeon Fortune telling predicts that peace, tranquility will come in the near future.
Table Profit and prosperity, according to predictions according to the principle of Lady Beauharnais.
Lightning Sudden news that will change the course of all events.
Scales Dispute resolution requires outside intervention.
tangled rope Long-term problems that cannot be overcome on their own.
Knight News of urgent change, Lady Josephine's divination warns.
Clover Happiness, luck, fulfillment of the most cherished desires.
clouds Instability, uncertainty in business.

Josephine's fortune-telling is a reliable way to get answers to your questions. By adhering to the instructions and simple rules, each person can try his luck in getting predictions using the Lady Beauharnais method.

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