Gemini love horoscope for the month of December. Weekly love horoscope: Gemini

Gemini love horoscope for the month of December. Weekly love horoscope: Gemini

Gemini Horoscope for December 2017

General horoscope Gemini for December 2017

The horoscope for representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini advises in December 2017, instead of complaining about fate and talking about what you lack, on the contrary, thank her for what you have. Do not waste precious time on empty talk. If something does not suit you, try to change the existing state of affairs. Also, the horoscope for this period warns you against gossip. If possible, communicate less with people whom you do not fully trust, and simply - those who “suck out” your energy. Better put your forces in a productive direction!

Horoscope work and finance Gemini for December 2017

Unlike representatives of many other signs of the zodiac, who will be able to especially not strain themselves professionally, Gemini will have to do a lot of work. But very soon the reward, both in the form of a material nature and moving up the career ladder, will surely make itself felt. Therefore, it is now recommended to treat the performance of professional duties as carefully and responsibly as possible.

Moreover, your energy potential is now quite high. So you can bring to life even large-scale, for example, international projects. Use the moment. It is possible that situations will often change. But don't be afraid - you will be able to react quickly and, if necessary, make adjustments. In which case, you can count on the support of your colleagues. You won't be left alone with your problems.

In financial terms, Gemini in December 2017 was recommended not to succumb to provocations and avoid dubious projects. Remember that, as they say, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Do not chase for quick and, at first glance, easy enrichment. Otherwise, you risk losing the funds that you have.

Love horoscope and the Gemini family for December 2017

Representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini who are in a relationship, the stars prophesy the solution of problems and the elimination of omissions that for a long time did not allow you to fully enjoy personal happiness. It will strengthen the connection and spending time alone with the second half. Undoubtedly, it is worth getting out together to visit and to various friendly rendezvous. But leave in your schedule and at least some time period to devote it exclusively to each other. For those Gemini who have not yet met a loved one, the December horoscope advises, first of all, to decide: what do you want from a relationship and “draw” in your mind the image of a potential partner.

Health horoscope Gemini for December 2017

December 2017 is great for Gemini to lose weight. If you have long wanted to lose weight, but everything did not work out, the stars are advised to try again. At this time, to modernize the figure, you will not need to starve yourself or not leave the gym. The metabolism works as quickly as possible and is aimed at burning excess fat. So removing frankly high-calorie and fatty foods from the diet and a short exercise in the morning will be quite enough to achieve a positive result.

Favorable and unfavorable days December 2017 Gemini

Auspicious days Gemini December 2017 - December 5, December 15, December 19, December 21, December 27, December 31, 2017.

Unfavorable days Gemini December 2017 - December 3, December 11, December 18, December 26, 2017.

Helpful Hints

This month, Venus will first walk on fierysign of Sagittarius , bringing illusions and a tendency to idealization into our senses.December 25, 2017she will be in a more mundaneearthly Capricorn , so you will have time to quickly descend from heaven to earth, however, having managed to surviveunforgettable minutes !

Venus in the sign of Sagittarius is looking for ideal qualities in partners, and those that he does not find, he simply invents. So we, having fallen in love with this position of Venus, tend to perceive our partner somewhat distorted.

In addition, the meeting Venus with Neptune already in a disharmonious way December 10, 2017 can bring a lot of disappointments, deceptions and vain hopes.

Sublime love for many will simply turn a blind eye even to completely obvious things, for example, you may not notice that you frankly use or trying to trick you into getting something specific from you.

Now I really want love and strong feelings, so romance this month will be quite easy. In particular, this applies specifically to the period of stay of Venus in the sign of Sagittarius ( until December 25, 2017). Plans for the future will be grandiose, but how realistic these plans can be will show already next month when Venus enters Capricorn.

Also December 2017 associated with retrograde Mercury, which can return former connections. You may accidentally meet a former partner, or receive a message from him or find out news about him. However, going back to an ex now is not a particularly good idea.

Where and when to look for love?

Since the likelihood of new novels is now quite high, especially until December 25, 2017 Those who want to start a romantic relationship should know where they are more likely to meet. You can read more about meeting places with Venus in Sagittarius in the article Love horoscope: how to meet and attract love when Venus in Sagittarius ?

However, avoid close communication and acquaintances during the period of action negative aspects, especially 8-10 and 22-25 December 2017.

In general, December is associated with the retrograde of Mercury, which imposes certain nuances. For example, now there is a possibility of meeting people with whom you have already known each other. Romantic relationships that were interrupted in the past can be resumed.

Since now there is a great chance of tying novels with foreigners, there is a high probability that foreigners may be former compatriots

Important days for love and relationships in december 2017:

December 8-10, 2017. These days Venus will be in negative aspect with Neptune. These days are not the easiest for love relationships. Now you may face failed romances and disappointments. There is a risk fall in love without reciprocity or meet a cheater. If possible, do not get acquainted these days. It is better not to sort things out with existing partners. Don't go on dates, especially blind dates (for example, if you've only known each other through text).

December 11-15, 2017. These days are associated with the meeting Mercury with Venus in sign of Sagittarius. The probability of dating these days increases significantly. This is especially true in the morning December 13, 2017.

December 15 2017 it is better not to register on dating sites in order to find a relationship: nothing will happen, since on this day the moon will be without a course all day, despite a successful connection Mercury + Venus. If you already have a profile on a dating site for a long time, then you can continue to search for new people.

December 18-21, 2017. These days Venus and Uranus will be in harmony. These are days of revelation, strong feelings, breakthroughs. It is on such aspects that fateful meetings and memorable love experiences can occur. Sexuality and feelings will be high, people will easily and quickly make new connections, relationships will develop very quickly. However, despite the harmonious aspect, there is a risk that the fuse will quickly pass as soon as Venus passes into Capricorn .

December 25, 2017. This day can not be called too successful for a love relationship. The Moon will be all day without a course in the sign of Pisces, and Venus and Saturn will meet in conjunction. On this day, you may experience serious doubts about your feelings or your partner's feelings. You may also face hard reality.

Everything that you idealized in the past may not be what it seemed then. The masks will be removed, revealing the hard truth. Serious and strong relationship only become even stronger, but the weak ones - alas, most likely, will crash. There may also be separations and loss of ties with loved ones: it will be difficult to wait for a call or message, which can make your mood quite depressed.

Love horoscope: men and women

WOMEN. You will not only idealize your partners during this period, but you can easily meet selfish men on your way who pursue only personal interests. This month can be very dangerous for you, so we advise you to treat any new acquaintances with apprehension and caution. Also now there is a high probability of falling in love with some famous people, teachers, authorities or just foreigners. Be careful when dealing with foreign potential partners!

MEN. This month, you, like women, are also advised not to flatter yourself too much. This can bring disappointment and trouble. If you already have a relationship, offer your girlfriend to somehow diversify your life, change the situation, unwind.

When is the best time to celebrate a wedding in December 2017?

This month is the most successful day for marriage - December 28th 2017 especially from 10:00 to 16:30. Venus on this day will already be in the sign of Capricorn, which imposes seriousness and responsibility. A marriage concluded on this day has a chance to last a very long time. Marriages are also allowed 7 (until 12:00), 16, 19 and 20 December 2017 , but these dates are less fortunate.

There are no weddings this month, as these days there will be Advent, but who is stopping you from arranging registration, and the wedding move to January Or another month next year?

By the way, there's a new release. Lunar calendar weddings 2018, which this time will be more detailed and will take into account positions of Venus and Mars:

Most bad days this month for love relationships and dating: 8-10, December 25, 2017

Acceptable days for weddings: no

Astrological forecast: love life of the zodiac signs in 2017

♈ Love horoscope Aries for December 2017

The very beginning of December will not be too successful for you and your partners: there may be quarrels and conflicts, which may affect your relationship in the future. If you can take a calmer look at the situations and wait out this period, the problems will be reduced to zero, and the conflict will quickly exhaust itself. This month you will have the opportunity to go on vacation with partners or just have a good time in pleasant companies. Do not abuse alcohol, then quarrels will pass you by. Lonely Aries have a chance to make new acquaintances with people from afar, with foreigners. It's good to meet on the Internet.

Luck : average

Events in personal life : meeting foreigners or people from afar, quarrels and conflict situations with partners, trips with partners

♉ Love horoscope Taurus for December 2017

Your personal life, especially relationships, will be quite dynamic and active this month. This month does not give special problems in relationships. You can act as initiators of some joint cases. Maybe your partner needs your help or support. If your relationship is going through a crisis right now, then this month can be used to improve relations. Women are at risk of conception. Single Taurus can find new partners with a little effort. Where exactly to look, intuition will tell you, which should now be at a high level.

Luck : high.

Events in personal life : building relationships with partners, helping partners, dating.

♊ Gemini love horoscope for December 2017

There may be both positive and negative developments in your partnerships this month. You may have misunderstandings and deceptions, you or your partners may be hiding something from each other, and the hard truth may come up abruptly in the very near future. On the other hand, the desire to understand and heart-to-heart conversations can improve the situation and improve your relationship. Partners can pleasantly surprise you with surprises. Single Geminis can have unexpected encounters, including old acquaintances with whom they can start a romantic connection.

Luck : average

Events in personal life : new acquaintances, new romantic relationships, misunderstandings with partners, discussion of relationships, agreement in disputes

♋ Love horoscope Cancer for December 2017

The beginning of the month can be associated with stress and conflicts in the family. There are some unforeseen circumstances that may be related to family matters. However, after December 9, 2017 the situation will change for the better. This is a good time to engage in active games, spend time with children, attend various New Year's events. You can go on vacation. Lonely Cancers will also not be bored: in the second half of the month there is a possibility of new acquaintances and interesting meetings. It is especially good to get acquainted on vacation, or at some creative meetings, at cultural events.

Luck : high

Events in personal life : New acquaintances; good time with loved ones and children

♌ Love horoscope Leo for December 2017

December 2017 promises to your sign creative ideas and a good mood almost all the time, with the exception of a few not the most successful days of the month. You have a chance not only to realize the most daring and unexpected ideas, but also to make your personal life more diverse and happy. Now everything will depend only on you and your desires. If you already have lovers, then you can take a step towards taking the relationship to the next level. In general, the month is very associated with changes in personal life. Be careful December 8-10, 2017 when misunderstandings may arise between you. Lonely Lions may have an important meeting with a future partner.

Luck : high

Events in personal life : misunderstandings with lovers, changes in personal life for the better, new acquaintances, many love dates

♍ Virgo love horoscope for December 2017

This month, your personal life will not be particularly prominent. There will be no very important positive events. December 25, 2017 you should be more attentive to your loved ones. Accumulated grievances may be revealed, your partners may demand more attention from you, and relationships can easily be ruined. Your dissatisfaction with partners may lead to a subconscious desire to seek new connections, but it is better not to look for romantic meetings this month, as there will be no sense. People from the past may appear in your life.

Luck : low

Events in personal life : chilling relationships with lovers, communication with people from the past

♎ Libra love horoscope for December 2017

This month you have a chance to make new romantic acquaintances, however, during the period of negative aspects, you should be on your guard: you can easily take what you wish for reality, fall for the bait of dishonest partners. If you already have a relationship, you have nothing to worry about them, there will be no special problems. closer to December 21, 2017 various kinds of gifts of fate are not excluded. You can meet an unusual person or learn good news from your beloved. Also these days there is a possibility of a quick relationship, love at first sight can flare up.

Luck : high

Events in personal life : new acquaintances, love at first sight

♏ Love horoscope Scorpio for December 2017

This month, the topics of relationships and partnerships will not particularly interest you. You will be busy with yourself, your work and money. Those who already have a relationship may experience not very pleasant emotions and feelings closer to the middle of the month, partners may deceive you, or you yourself may be disappointed in them. Lonely Scorpios are better off not getting to know each other, especially closer to December 25, 2017. New acquaintances either will not happen at all, or may leave unpleasant memories. There may also be separation from loved ones.

Luck : low.

Events in personal life : unpleasant acquaintances, problems with partners because of money, separation.

♐ Sagittarius love horoscope for December 2017

At the very beginning of the month, not the most successful events may happen in your personal life, there may be changes of a destructive nature. However, you will quickly be able to restore strength or make peace with partners. Women this month will feel great, their personal attractiveness to the opposite sex will increase, which can contribute to new acquaintances and pleasant communication. However, the mood can change, there are risks of being deceived in a potential partner, idealizing him too much. Better not to rush things.

Luck : average

Events in personal life : changes in personal life; new acquaintances, dates; idealization of partner and relationship

♑ Love horoscope Capricorn for December 2017

This month you will not particularly advertise your personal life and you can even start secret romances. You will have a desire to spend more time alone with yourself if the partnership does not work out. This month is not the best to fix them. When Venus is in your sign after December 25, 2017), the situation may change for the better. You will be able to express and share your feelings more freely. This month, it is important not to fall under the influence of momentary weaknesses, not to get involved in love adventures, as this may not end in the best way.

Luck : low

Events in personal life : secret connections, love adventures, deceptions in relationships

♒ Love horoscope Aquarius for December 2017

This month, your friendships and love relationships may be closely connected. New acquaintances through friends and like-minded people, acquaintances in interest clubs or on dating sites are not excluded. Now you are more likely to meet a person of your circle, whose interests will be similar to yours. If you're already in a relationship, this month may present a chance to find some new and exciting things together. interesting activities. However, petty quarrels, insults and misunderstandings are not excluded, especially during the days of negative aspects. New Year you will most likely want to celebrate in a very narrow circle.

Luck : high

Events in personal life : New acquaintances; new joint hobbies with partners

♓ Pisces love horoscope for December 2017

This month, love relationships will not particularly bother you, your thoughts will now be occupied with completely different things. Lonely Pisces now is better not to look for new acquaintances: there will be only disappointments and misunderstandings, you will most likely meet either not the most pleasant people, or people who can deceive you. There is a possibility of a love affair at work, but this will not lead to anything good.

Luck : low

Events in personal life : disappointments, dissatisfaction with relationships and new acquaintances, unpleasant intrigue at work.

If on Monday in love Gemini expects to achieve something, they will have to go for this in the most non-standard ways! It's time to show ingenuity and imagination! Only in this way on Monday are Gemini able to interest the person they like. If the Gemini is still in search, the day gives them a chance to get acquainted with an interesting, extraordinary person. This meeting can happen at any moment and where they least expect.

On Tuesday, the stars advise Gemini to listen to their fantasies and dreams. Especially - to the brightest of them or to those who come regularly. On Tuesday, Gemini's intuition will allow them to penetrate the hidden meaning of their fantasies and dreams. In them, they can find advice on how to behave with a person of interest to them, or (if the Gemini is still alone) - an indication of where and when they can find their love.

On Wednesday, the Gemini will be able to have a wonderful romantic evening with their partner only if they manage to loosen up and give free rein to their wild imagination. They should talk with their loved one on the most intimate topics and try to realize some of their innermost desires on Wednesday. These delightful experiments will open up a whole new world for Gemini, full of passion and exquisite pleasures!

On Thursday, feelings will prevent Gemini from concentrating on work or any other responsibilities! They do not have to be afraid to admit to themselves that they are in the clouds, and this leaves an imprint on everything that he does. Burnt scrambled eggs, forgotten documents, a broken heel are common things that can happen to Gemini on Thursday due to distraction. Well, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to dream - especially about such sublime matters as love!

On Friday, the stars tell Gemini a sentimental-romantic mood. You should not be shy about this, but, since it happened, you can try to touch the lyrical strings in the heart of your loved one. For example, Gemini on Friday can write a tender declaration of love, draw a card or send SMS with their poems. Let it seem naive from the outside, but sometimes it is precisely such ingenuous things, made from the bottom of our hearts, that can work wonders!

Saturday is a great day for Geminis to socialize and meet new people! Including, and for romantic acquaintances, love and flirting, of course. Therefore, instead of sitting at home, they should try to find themselves in the thick of things - even if for this they have to make some effort on themselves. Believe me, it's worth it! However, the Gemini must keep in mind that it will not be possible to sit quietly in the corner: on Saturday they will have a lot of talk about everything and nothing.

On Sunday, the stars advise Gemini to pay attention to the difference between fantasy and real life. They should try in their relationship with a loved one at least on Sunday to separate one from the other! Perhaps daydreaming prevents Gemini from seeing some important details or taking the necessary steps? Geminis need to get down to earth, this will allow them to achieve real (not fictional) results in their romantic relationship.

Starting December 3, the planet of Gemini will be in the sign of Capricorn, which can lead to conditional limitations in many areas of life. This may relate to tight deadlines or tight deadlines in some work.

General horoscope for December 2016 Gemini

Gemini in December 2016 will often solve money issues, but on the day of December 19, something may not go according to the plans of the representatives of the sign, so much so that they will have to cancel the agreement reached earlier.

The horoscope for December 2016 for Gemini warns that on December 28 the planet of Gemini will burn in the rays of the Sun, because of which some of the representatives of the sign may want to deviate from their plans or an important situation may occur on this day that will turn out to be stronger than the ideas of Gemini.

December 2016 for Gemini will bring a lot of interesting communication. At the same time, the Gemini will act more as a speaker, rather than a listener. In the days from December 2 to 5, comic conversations can happen, in connection with this, Gemini needs to perceive everything with a sense of humor and in no case be offended by their interlocutors.

In December 2016, Gemini will be given the opportunity to express themselves perfectly thanks to the ability to tell interesting stories, skillfully joke. This happens with the participation of the planet Mars and Venus, which at this time will be in the sign of Aquarius and will give a lot of free energy to express themselves.

In December 2016, Gemini on the 22nd and 25th days may be able to create an incredibly beautiful masterpiece: a picture, a delicious dish or just a good toast at the festive table - others will be delighted.

The presence of the Moon in the sign of Gemini on December 13 and 14 will also facilitate easy communication between the representatives of the sign. At this time, the Gemini will enjoy particular success, perhaps the emergence of new fans.

In December 2016, Gemini should solve serious real estate issues only until December 19, since it is from this day that the planet Mercury will turn retrograde. If it was not possible to make a decision before December 19, it is better to postpone it to the next month altogether - Gemini's haste, combined with Mercury retrograde, cannot lead to anything good.

Career and money horoscope for December 2016 Gemini

On the wave of success will be those Gemini in December 2016, who, at work, need to be attractive, speak beautifully and be able to convince. Communication will be easy for Gemini in December 2016, but, despite its ease, colleagues and management have serious plans and give them a high responsibility. Before December 19, it is better to complete all working projects - it is at this time that they can be very successfully implemented and bring results.

Already after December 19, the planet Mars will move into the sign of Pisces and the energy that was devoted to active communication will turn into emotions. Gemini in December 2016 after the 19th will want to relax and take a break from hard work.

Because of this, on December 19, representatives of the sign can refuse even very important work projects, transfer them to the next month. The melancholy mood of this time simply does not allow Gemini to do their work with full responsibility.

When summing up the work for the year, the Gemini may get the impression that for all 12 months they did not do what they planned, which is why the emotional state at work may not be very stable. In December 2016, Gemini will want to "pull themselves together" in order to enter the next year with completely new forces.

Favorable days for career and financial affairs in December 2016 for Gemini: December 13, 14.

Love horoscope for December 2016 Gemini

December 2016 for Gemini in personal relationships will bring many interesting and exciting events. Activities related to entertainment can be successfully planned for December 2, 5, 22 or 25.

These days Gemini can get a lot of joy out of communicating with their partner. By the way, if on the indicated dates the Gemini can completely trust their half, they will be able to verify the seriousness of the relationship and become closer spiritually.

The horoscope for December 2016 for Gemini suggests that the representatives of the sign will be able to be proud of their partners this month and have important conversations with them. In addition, the opinion of the second half may play an important role in the working issues of Gemini in the period from December 9 to 12, and its approval may be needed. In December 2016, Gemini together with partners can successfully plan work and personal events for the next year.

Gemini in December 2016 may receive a long-awaited marriage proposal or find out about the partner’s desire to have children together.

Auspicious days for love relationships in December 2016 for Gemini: December 9 - 14.

Health Horoscope for December 2016 Gemini

The horoscope for December 2016 for Gemini speaks of a good time for physical education, going to the gym, especially in the first half of the month. In December 2016, Gemini needs to avoid overwork, to correctly alternate work and rest in order to have time to do everything planned.

Horoscope for December 2019 Gemini - think about life.

In philosophical terms. Everyone knows that you can't stand philosophy. From the word at all. But still. In terms of work, there is no need to rush. Take the time to retrain. Or for training. You can also ask for help from experts. And professionals. Health is great! Cheerfulness and activity stimulate your well-being!

Horoscope for December 2019 Gemini - an amazing and dynamic month awaits you. But in relations with partners, everything is ambiguous. Get on the side of your partner more often. So you can evaluate the actions from the side!


Astrological forecast for December for Gemini

The energy of Gemini in December is at the highest level. Be as active as possible. The period from 4 to 19 December is an ideal period for:

  • work,
  • business,
  • public events.

First decade of December Gemini

The beginning of December is a time of change. First of all, regarding the outlook on life. Well, the scope of work also needs to change. And transformations.

Alternatively, you will be demoted. Well, in the end, no matter what happens, everything is for the best.

It is in December that Gemini (Hallelujah!) will find something to his liking. However, a new occupation is an extremely promising topic about benefits. And perspectives.
At the same time, you need to restore strength. Well, improve your health. The most topic.

Gemini - second decade

The middle of the month of December, everything will mix up around Gemini. Actually, everything that you have done in a whole year. And big things. And little things. With the material everything is unstable. But without radicalism, bitte!
You are categorically contraindicated for any risks. As well as everything that drags you to the bottom!
All will be well with Gemini:

  • private entrepreneurs,
  • creative personalities,
  • managers.

Everything is going great. Green light. Take on any business. And feel free to invest wherever you want. into something important. And weighty.

Lonely Gemini does not have a meeting with the "soul mate". Well, in principle, do not look into the past.

Gemini - third decade

The end of December is the time to reach a new level. And new perspectives. At least in terms of finances. Or about the profession.
Don't let anyone control you. And spit on a career and a position. To be more precise, courage and confidence will help you achieve everything in your career.

In terms of household chores and family, everything will depend on you in December. And if you have your own business, then the third decade is your time. All partners are yours. Though local, even foreign!

What to do Gemini in December

Is it time for you to listen to the advice of friends?
In most cases, this is true. But this is especially true on the 1st and 2nd of December.
You absolutely need outside advice. Whatever it is. Even a change of hairstyle. Or something very important. (New job? Or relationship?).
Reach out to your friends. Let them give you wise advice. They certainly know what you need!
And they know how you feel. In the end, it is enough just to listen to their advice. Listen to them. And then you can do everything differently. Exactly the way you want. The opposite of what my friends suggested.
If that be your will.

December 6 and 7 are amazingly cool and fun days. And new opportunities open up right before your eyes. It is amazing. If you find it difficult to get your message across on December 13th and 14th, don't force everything.
Sometimes you just have to wait. Quite enough! Carefully measure the risk/reward ratio. And only then get involved in the promises on December 19, 2019. Let the creative muse into your life on the 24th and 25th. Let her whisper in your ear! By the 28th, 29th, and 30th, you feel amazingly creative. Conduct yourself accordingly! Gemini, your creativity is amazing. Good. Right now. Your friends may very well be right on the 31st.
Horoscope for December by date of birth

The whole of December Gemini depends on competitors and partners. So, you will spend this extremely favorable month in a periodic decline in vitality. Well, trying to find a place to rest.

December 3-9 are critical days for Gemini in the first week of June.
But for those who were born in the second week of June, December 9-15 will be hard. But December 15-21 is a difficult time for those born in the third week of June.
Fruitless disputes await the twin of the flood of May on December 9 - 16. Then the opponents will turn to their side!

Lunar calendar for Gemini for December 2019


All other days in this month we classify as who to whom whom magnolia

Career Horoscope for December Gemini

What about change? Well, in a career? At work? You feel that old, familiar itch again. December 1st and 2nd. What itching? Yes, the same one. I want a change at work. And immeasurable changes.
We are talking about the variety that is inherent only to Gemini. Only they are ready to change everything horizontally. From sales to programming. Or from programming to sales.
Maybe even forget about the sphere of information technology and software?
Why not get into the beauty industry? Well, let's say, to become a nail master?
Why not try yourself in professional bungee jumping? Well, when you get that itch, think twice. Even if you don't scratch the itch. Anyway.

What does not meet your expectations in your current job? Once you identify the problem, things get better. At a minimum, Gemini will be able to handle it; Well, change something. For example, the situation with hunger in Namibia.

On December 6 and 7, Gemini will again begin to enjoy work. Days are great. Even exciting. Well, you are delighted. You are again delighted with your work. Hallelujah and awesome badass! Communication is not always easy. It doesn't matter how brilliant a communicator you are. And Gemini is just that. December 13 and 14, 2019, if something doesn’t work, doesn’t add up, don’t worry!
If, for example, a professional discussion within the office does not come out, step aside. Pretend to be a piece of old rag. Or an old Viennese chair.

Who does not risk, he does not drink brake fluid. More precisely, of course, Premier Cru Classe champagne! No risk, no reward. This is what runs through everything as a red line on the 19th of the month of December. But is it worth the risk? Gemini, release your creativity on the 24th and 25th. You will be amazed at what you achieved on the 28th, 29th and 30th of December! Listen to your friends on the 31st. And then have fun with them! Celebrate the New Year together. Well, New Year's Eve is ahead.

Financial horoscope for December 2019 Gemini

Gemini is waiting for an extremely profitable month. But get ready to shell out a round sum. Fortune (and the gods) are on your side. But this is subject to the fact that Gemini correctly distributes income. And insure.

Feel free to count on the prize. Unless, of course, you did a good job. Qualitatively. In advance.
Gemini, of course, are not spenders. But not economical either. Never. We need savings, say the stars. Otherwise, there will be no money. Not for gifts. Not for New Year's Eve.
Get ready to go somewhere fast. On the topic of inheritance. But take the trouble to write an application for a vacation in advance. Otherwise, you will be out of a job. Before the New Year holidays.

Finances in December: 5, 15, 17, 18, 25

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