Equipment in World of Tanks. Equipment What equipment to install on TT

Equipment in World of Tanks. Equipment What equipment to install on TT

Well, here we are. Today, in our review of the game, we will talk about one of the types of tanks - self-propelled guns.

While in the game they came up with, or rather took from the history of the battle, such types of tanks as: ACS(Self-propelled artillery mount), Fri-Sau, Light, Average and Heavy. At first, I would like to talk about the ACS.

ACS- in the people this type of tank is simply called " Arta" or " Artillery". It is intended for air attack of enemy tanks. That is the task of art from afar to inflict damage on opponents. In most cases speed artillery small, about 30 km/h. The exception in terms of speed is American SPGs, at early levels they can go faster than light tanks.

Arta strikes most damage among all types of tanks. The downside is that the reload time is very long, and the tank itself has little armor compared to heavy tanks.

ACS management quite simple - after pressing Shift, such a sight will appear, if you wait a bit, it will decrease and it will be much easier to hit the opponent.


- try to take at the beginning of the battle good position. The outcome of your SPG game depends on this. Take into account that mountains, houses and stones will prevent you from shooting.

— if at the beginning of the battle you were spotted by a light tank of your opponents, try as quickly as possible change position, since you are the most tasty morsel for the art of your opponents: little armor and little by little you move. It is much easier to get into the self-propelled guns and there is a high probability that your equipment will be killed from the first blow.

don't move. The highlight of the art is that it is difficult for enemy tanks to notice it. If the tank is moving, this feature disappears, but if you stand still, then the opponent will have to drive up to the ACS at least 50 meters to illuminate it. Of course, you will not notice the opponent's tank either, but still take your time. "And time is money."

What equipment to install? As you know, the equipment improves certain characteristics of the tank. Each type of tank has its own set. For ACS, this is

Pickup drive amplifier. It will speed up the zooming of the sight by 10%, which will improve the hit skill;

gun rammer. It will reduce the reload time by 10%, and this will be very effective for self-propelled guns. Since there is a long recharge;

camouflage net. Increases the invisibility of your tank, which in some cases can save your artillery from death.

Well, our review of the ACS has come to an end. In the next post, we'll talk about light tanks. I will be glad to see your comments. Good game.

Body kit in WOT A body kit in World of Tanks is a complex piece of equipment that can be used to improve the properties of a tank, smooth out its disadvantages and increase its advantages. I won’t say that there are a lot of them, but it’s quite enough to conduct some tactics.

The entire body kit in tanks can be divided into several groups:
strengthening the "survivability" of the tank(Cyclone filter, "wet" ammo rack, filling CO2 tanks, large, medium and small anti-fragmentation lining)
tool performance improvement(reinforced aiming drives, vertical aiming stabilizer MK1-2, gun rammer of large, medium and small caliber)
improvement in viewing range(stereo tube, coated optics)
rest(camouflage net, reinforced torsion bars, tool box, improved ventilation Class 1-3, grouser)

Cyclone filter needed for tanks prone to frequent engine damage. For example, Lowe, a premium tank of level 8, often gets a critical engine crit when shooting at the tank's frontal projection.

"Wet" ammunition- for those players who have not yet learned not to expose the ammo rack for shots. Essential for the T43 and T44, as these tanks often explode due to ammo rack damage.

Filling CO2 tanks- in my opinion, a useless feature. Not once in the game has my tank exploded due to a hit in the tank.

Large, medium and small anti-fragmentation lining- a vital body kit for heavy tanks. Not only does it save from splashes, fragments and small art, it also absorbs damage from a ram by 15% (absorption - absorption).

Reinforced pickup drives- it makes sense to put on self-propelled guns and tank destroyers and on tanks with which you like to shoot from afar.

Vertical stabilizer MK1-2- a body kit available from level 8 and allowing you to reduce the dispersion of the gun when turning by 20 percent. We put on the tank and do not think.

Gun rammer of large, medium and small caliber Improves rate of fire by 10%. Mandatory presence on tanks with a rate of fire of 2-5 rounds per minute.

Stereoscopic telescope(Horns) - Improves line of sight by 25%. But at the same time, the tank should not be in motion. Optimal for tank destroyers and self-propelled guns. It makes no sense to carry light and medium tanks with you, which are constantly on the move.

coated optics- the same as a stereo trumpet only for ST and LT. Increases vision range by 10%. For fireflies, this type of body kit is required.

Improved ventilation Class 1-3- fan - slightly (by 5%) increases the skills of the entire crew. It should be set at the beginning, when the tank crew has not yet been pumped.

camouflage net- reduces visibility of a stationary tank by 25%. Suitable for tank and self-propelled guns. True, large self-propelled guns (SU14) will not benefit from this grid.

Toolbox we carry with us until we finish the “repair” skill of the entire crew. It often happens that because of a downed caterpillar, you get a portion of land mines and go to the hangar. The crate, on the other hand, speeds up the repair of a damaged module by 25%.

Reinforced torsion bars, Christie suspension— improved tank carrying capacity by 10%. It makes sense to bet when your tower is open, and the chassis has not yet been explored. Installed body kit and you can put the tower.

Grousers- it makes sense to put on heavy tanks, since they have low maneuverability in marshy and rough terrain.
Of course, you can try cheat engine tanki online, but in a client-server connection, it will hardly help.

The game distinguishes 5 types of tanks, for each of which, you can pick up certain sophisticated equipment.
Light tanks - coated optics, fan, toolbox
Medium tanks - rammer, vertical stabilizer, fan.
Heavy tanks - rammer, vertical stabilizer, anti-fragmentation lining.
Tank destroyer - masking network, rammer, stereo tube
ACS - rammer, stereo tube, aiming drives.

Of course, some body kits depend on individual preferences and features of the tanks.

Every player in World of Tanks should remember that the strong qualities of a tank can and should be strengthened. Weaknesses, respectively, must be eradicated. It is possible to achieve technical balance in the car with the help of the crew (its skills and abilities), equipment and equipment..

Stock pocket does not pull

After purchasing the first tanks of levels 2-3, purchase equipment. Removable at least. It includes: a camouflage net, a stereo tube and a toolbox. They are transferred from vehicle to vehicle without the need for dismantling, paid for in gold. Therefore, you should not buy a dozen camouflage nets or stereo tubes. A couple of copies are enough.

camouflage net(MC) reduces the visibility of a stationary machine. The action is activated 3 seconds after stopping. MS adds: 15% invisibility for anti-tank self-propelled guns; 10% for light tanks (LT) and medium tanks; 5% for artillery and heavy tanks. MS is useful for covert and positional combat inherent in tank destroyers, as well as passive reconnaissance of LTs. The mass of MS is 100 kg and the price is 100,000 credits.

Stereoscopic telescope adds 25% to the view from a stationary car (no more than 445 meters). It allows you to detect the enemy before he you. The right of the first shot is an important advantage in the game. The stereo tube, like the MC, is suitable for playing tank destroyers or LT. It is also good because it eliminates the disadvantage of many tanks - a low viewing radius. It's a pity that the properties of this useful item are not summed up with coated optics. Stereotube weight - 50 kg, price - 500,000 credits.

Toolbox Increases damage repair speed by 25%. Often it is installed while the crew is pumping the repair skill, and then removed. The weight of the box is considerable - 100 kg, and the cost is even more so - 500,000.

Sophisticated equipment

It is dismantled from the car only for 10 units of game gold or after destruction. For this reason, experienced tankers keep a handful of gold in reserve. In the name of economy, carefully consider the need for a particular module on your favorite tank. It's not rubber.

Springs are divided into many types specified in the Wot Wiki. Their main tasks are to increase the carrying capacity of the undercarriage and mitigate damage when falling, so the springs are useful in two cases. First, they allow you to install a (heavier) cannon or turret if you don't have enough experience to research the undercarriage. Secondly, they insure a light and fast tank from heavy damage when falling from hills and hills. The cost of springs varies from 20,000 to 600,000 credits. Not to say that this is the most useful equipment in World of Tanks, but sometimes it makes sense to install them on a temporary basis.

Anti-fragmentation lining- Another type of equipment that is not very popular. It increases the tank's protection against high-explosive artillery shells and reduces the risk of shell shock to crew members by 20/25/30/50%, depending on the type of lining. The cost is graded from 50,000 to 750,000. Buying such a thing is reasonable only for massive vehicles, often suffering from accented artillery fire. However, it is better to save space for more useful accessories.

Improved ventilation(Class 1-3) Adds 5% to all crew skills. An excellent choice for those who want to gain an edge in combat. The equipment is not available only for machines with an open cabin. The cost jumps from 50,000 to 600,000 credits, and the weight is 100/150/200 kilograms. Improved ventilation should be installed on any tank, regardless of the style of play. What for? Then, that reloading is faster, visibility is better, and movements are more maneuverable. Combined with the Combat Brotherhood skill, commander bonus and premium equipment, you can increase the standard characteristics of the vehicle by 32%.

Wet ammo rack adds 50% durability to… ammo rack. Everything is simple. Not the most necessary equipment in the game, but in isolated cases it can help.

Rammer sometimes howitzer and gun, while dividing into medium and large calibers. It reduces the gun reload time by 10%. It is a pity that a useful device does not shine for drum-loading tanks. The exceptions are: 59-16, Type 5 Chi-Ri and Spahpanzer SP I C. And because these vehicles have an alternative cannon with a standard reload. The cost of a rammer varies from 200,000 to 600,000 credits and you should not feel sorry for them. Faster reloading - more shots - higher amount of damage - more serious contribution to victory.

Additional lugs in most cases - a waste of 250,000 credits. One of the most useless and rarely used types of equipment. Increases patency on soft and medium soils, but has severe restrictions on the types of equipment. Grousers are placed only on 12 cars, and then mostly German ones. Use the driver's skill "King of the Road" instead.

Filling CO2 tanks adds 50% durability to tanks, reducing the risk of fire by the same amount. Becomes available from Tier VI. The equipment shares the “honorable” place due to uselessness with lugs and the Cyclone filter. It is useful for those whose tank burns in every battle, like a witch at the stake of the Inquisition. The rest is recommended to use the "Cleanliness and Order" skill.

coated optics- the most useful item that adds 10% to the viewing radius and works in motion, unlike a stereo tube. It is possible to put optics on any tank. "Blind" machines need it for obvious reasons. "Vigilant" will elevate the ability to detect the enemy to the absolute. Typically, optics are installed on medium and light tanks, whose task is to search for the enemy. It costs 500,000 credits.

Vertical stabilizer installed on light, medium and heavy tanks of Tier VIII-X, as well as in some vehicles of a lower rank. The module reduces the spread of the gun when moving and turning the turret, i.e. increases accuracy on the move. It costs from 500,000 to 600,000 credits. Its purchase is strictly recommended for fans of Soviet and American ST or TT.

Reinforced pickup drives- a necessary thing for any tanker. Regrettably, most of the guns converge slowly, and the drives reduce this disadvantage by 10%. For some machines, this equipment turns from a panacea into a dope, increasing the already fast mixing to obscene speeds. It's not worth half a kingdom, but half a million for sure.

Cyclone filter increases engine durability by 50% with a limit on Soviet tanks and is infinitely far from the "Best Selling" status. So he's not worth his 500,000 credits.

Summing up and giving advice

Not all equipment is equally useful and effective. The most important thing for a player is to choose the perfect kit for a particular car, revealing its full potential. Let's take, for example, an "American" Tier X without obvious disadvantages - T110E5. Good stabilization of the gun is complemented by a vertical stabilizer. Fast reloading is accelerated by the gun rammer. Crew skills increase after installing improved ventilation. As a result, the T110E5 becomes even more accurate, faster and more dangerous for the enemy. The Soviet Tier VIII heavyweight IS-3, on the other hand, has disadvantages. However, the slow convergence of the gun is leveled by the aiming drives, poor shooting on the move by the stabilizer, and slow reloading by the large-caliber rammer.

Last tip: don't spend a huge amount of credits on buying modules, but try to wait for holiday promotions from Wargaming. Discounts on equipment will allow you to replenish your own warehouse, significantly saving on purchases.

If you play World of Tanks, then it will hardly be a secret to you that having an expensive tank is not enough to succeed on the battlefield. You need to be able to properly develop your car, skillfully complete it, and also understand its advantages and disadvantages in order to fight, destroy opponents and stay alive. Each of the machines has its own strategies, which can be more or less successful. Naturally, everything also largely depends on the player himself - many tanks require a lot of practice and skill to control. But still, without proper development, any tank, even in the most capable hands, will be ineffective. For example, we can take the Soviet heavy tank IS-3, which is very popular with World of Tanks players. This vehicle has fairly high speed and a lot of firepower, but you can't even imagine what kind of threat it will pose if properly manned. So, what kind of equipment to put on the IS-3 so that this tank turns into something incredible?


Already the original gun, with which the model is sold in the store, can please a novice tank lover. Pretty high armor penetration, good damage, high rate of fire - all this makes even the stock IS-3 a powerful tank. But what equipment to put on the IS-3 to make it even better? You can start by reducing the caliber to 100 millimeters, but at the same time, the D-10T gun will increase in rate of fire, get not the largest spread, and most importantly, reduce the aiming time on this tank to a possible minimum. But this is not the most optimal weapon, you can put the D-25T instead - here the rate of fire increases only slightly, but the damage and caliber do not fall so critically. But the best weapon for this tank is the BL-9, this gun increases penetration, rate of fire, and also minimizes the spread of shells. So, everything is clear here - it's time to figure out what equipment to put on the IS-3.

Tower selection

The tank's stock turret gives it only 175 millimeters of frontal armor. If you decide to keep it, then you will have to think hard about what equipment to put on the IS-3, since you will have to somehow compensate for such a thickness of armor. This is quite difficult to do, so it is better to purchase an improved tower, in which the thickness of the armor will increase to 250 millimeters, and besides, another twenty meters of viewing radius will be added. However, the turret traverse speed drops slightly, but this is easier to compensate than almost a full centimeter of armor. If you look at the original IS-3 tank, the photos will make you impressed - it was a powerful machine that made the enemies terrified. In capable hands in World of Tanks, the IS-3 also instills fear in opponents.

Is it worth changing the engine?

The original IS-3 engine is also quite good, but still worth replacing. With the new version, engine power will increase by fifty horsepower, which will allow him to add speed. The IS-3 tank, whose photo is already making one feel respect for it, is initially quite fast for a heavy model, but with the new engine it becomes even more dangerous. Moreover, the probability of a fire is reduced by three percent, and the weight of this motor is also fifty kilograms less. In the World of Tanks game, the IS-3 is a threat in any garb, but if it is properly and maximally pumped, then anyone will be in trouble.

Installation of a new running gear

The stock undercarriage bears the name of the tank itself, but it can be replaced with a new one, to the marking of which the letter M is added. But what does this give? Should I change it Not in the first place, but it is still necessary to change it, because in the game "World of Tanks" the IS-3 boasts of its agility. The new undercarriage will allow him to carry three tons more, which can positively affect the outcome of any battle. Moreover, the vehicle becomes more agile, as its turning speed increases, which can also play an important role in combat. A review of the IS-3 tank so far shows that in the maximum configuration it is becoming more and more intimidating. What will give him a change of radio?

Possible radio receivers

The stock radio on the IS-3 is not particularly impressive - it only works at a distance of 440 meters. That is, if you are too far from your comrades, then the vaunted review of the IS-3 tank will not help you - the enemies you see will not be displayed on the radars of your comrades-in-arms, and you will have to fight on your own. Therefore, it is very important that you change the radio to a better model. At level 9 you will be able to install a radio that will transmit a signal over 600 meters, and at level ten you will have a chance to maximize this aspect of your tank, as you will unlock a model with a communication range of 730 meters. Then teamwork will be implemented at the highest level. World of Tanks is a game that requires interaction between comrades. And if you go into battle as a group of single tanks, then it will be much more difficult for you to win than if you fought in a close team in which maximum understanding reigns.

Installation of additional equipment

As you know, each tank has three slots for installation. Some useful objects that are useful in battle can be placed there. Given the fact that you need to focus on firepower as the leader of the IS-3, you can choose a rather interesting kit. First of all, install the rammer, which increases the rate of fire of the gun, which is very important if you do not decide to stick with the D-10T gun. Then be sure to use heavy duty drives, as they will ensure the convergence is faster, which is one of your machine's weakest points. Do not forget about ventilation, as the crew plays a big role in this car, and without ventilation it will not be as effective. Installation additional equipment is not a universal process, that is, it cannot be said that the above-mentioned set is one hundred percent winning. You need to look at the circumstances, because there are plenty of equipment options, and you will have plenty to choose from.

Advantages of the tank

So, the IS-3 is a model that can be used both for defense and for attack, but it looks best in the role of high-speed support, preferably from the flanks. Among the main advantages that can be noted in this tank is excellent armor, which you can make even better. But still, the most important thing is the power of the gun and high speed. Also, do not forget about the good agility of this tank, which gives it more freedom of action on the battlefield.

Tank Disadvantages

However, it's worth saying. that the IS-3 also has certain disadvantages that have to be reckoned with. For example, many complain about the low viewing range. The biggest problem with the IS-3 is, of course, the aiming speed. However, you can normalize this with the help of reinforced drives and experienced and skillful control of the machine. Otherwise, this tank is more than good, and with the right development, it becomes a great attacking support force that any opponent has to reckon with. The IS-3 can also impose a fight alone, but it looks best when there are more powerful tanks, as well as light models - in general, in a group offensive.

Due to its characteristics, Type 4 Heavy is considered the most formidable and powerful among classmates. In addition, in the slot that completes the development branch of Japanese strands, there is a completely frightening unit that inspires waves of horror on enemies in a random house. Therefore, the predecessor should be fully consistent with its older brother. In addition, in the latest update, the Japanese heavies got a good boost, having improved armor and armament. Let's take a closer look at the updated Type 4 Heavy.

TYPE 4 HEAVY guide

Let's start with the fact that the ninth Japanese has a record-breaking margin of safety in 2,050 units. The quite acceptable viewing radius of 390 meters also deserves attention: the value is not a reference, but can be improved due to additional equipment and crew perks. A significant drawback that reduces the survivability of the machine is a bulky silhouette and low top speed. It is quite easy to hit the tank, and the low speed does not allow you to quickly withdraw the vehicle from artillery fire.

Type 4 Heavy guns

Separately, it is worth considering the weapons of the Japanese. Players are offered a choice of two guns that have phenomenal damage for the ninth level. It is worth noting that both guns are installed on the next tank of the 10th level, which gives a certain charm and zest.
Let's start with the basics. Basic armament is represented by a cannon 14 cm/50 3rd Year Type, caliber 139.7 mm. This weapon has been mounted on heavy for a long time, so many players know its mediocre rate of fire, but surprisingly good alpha. As a result, the DPM is 1,800 damage per minute, which is definitely not the best indicator in the level.

With armor penetration, everything is very good: 249 millimeters ensure the distribution of damage even to dozens, especially if you target vulnerable areas, and not just shoot at the silhouette of a tank. However, do not forget about gold, and load at least 10-15 of these shells, which will allow you to gain a sense of confidence in the confrontation with heavily armored opponents. What else attracts attention in this tool is UVN: The barrel drops 10 degrees down for comfortable play in the clinch. This is where the advantages of the gun end, and players are faced with long mixing, frankly low accuracy and poor stabilization.
It took a long time to get used to shooting from such an extraordinary weapon, but the latest update patch has changed the situation for the better. The tank was "given" additional weapons, represented by a cannon 15 cm45 41st Year Type, caliber 152.4 mm. It is worth clarifying that this is a high-explosive gun that gives out just a crushing alpha in 1 000 units of damage.

The gun is loaded only with high-explosive shells: regular and gold, respectively, has low armor penetration rates. However, even a shot at the silhouette of a tank removes 300-600 hit points. If you aim at a vulnerable area or shoot at a "cardboard" French tank, the damage is simply fatal. As in the previous case, lethal power is leveled by long mixing, huge spread and specific low accuracy.

The choice of weapon is up to the player, but it is better to try both barrels in the game and decide which one is more suitable for your game tactics. Given the preference of the majority, we will continue to review the tank on the basis that a high explosive is installed on the tank.

Type 4 Heavy penetration zones

The survivability indicators of the vehicle in battle do not look so unambiguous. The frontal projection of the tank is protected quite powerfully. In the basic version, the turret and hull had reduced armor values ​​of 250 mm, after the upgrade, the parameters increased significantly, increasing the thickness of the armor plates by a couple of tens of millimeters. Where to punch type 4 heavy is shown in the image and the thinnest zones are highlighted.
It is quite natural that a direct projection does not save Tier 10 vehicles from powerful weapons, however, an easy rotation of the hull, and even top-end anti-tank guns will have to be loaded with gold in order to pierce a formidable heavy load.

A similar situation develops with side armor: at right angles, the sides of the tank break through quite easily, but if they are substituted at a good angle, literally everything will ricochet. In addition, let's not forget about the side screens, which successfully extinguish the lethal force of sub-caliber and HEAT shells.

What equipment to put on Type 4 Heavy

To increase the comfort of the game, the equipment must be selected in such a way as to shade the key flaws. In our case, most of all complaints are caused by the accuracy of the gun and speed indicators. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an anti-shatter lining, a rammer and improved ventilation for installation.
However, the option of opting for anti-fragmentation lining will give a slight advantage over artillery and other high-explosive fragmentation shells.

Perks for Type 4 Heavy

It is better for the crew to pump out skills that can increase the survivability of this bulky heavy. Therefore, the recommended choice may be as follows:
If we consider the choice of equipment, you can load the tank with a large repair kit, a first aid kit and an automatic fire extinguisher. If things are not going well with loans, you can carry small-sized counterparts with you. By the way, the cord burns very badly, so you can replace the fire extinguisher with a set of sushi.

How to play Type 4 Heavy

So, we go into battle on the heaviest and most powerful tank of the 9th level. However, if you choose the wrong tactics, the invincibility of the machine will turn out to be a fiction. The sluggishness and bulkiness of the vehicle can play a cruel joke, and the tank will go to the hangar already in the first minutes of the battle.

Let's start with the fact that Type 4 Heavy is a tank of one direction. Low speed will not allow you to return to the other flank, so we choose the route very carefully. Do not forget that a huge silhouette is a red rag for artillery, so there must be shelters in the chosen direction that will protect the tank from falling suitcases.
It is important to understand that excellent armor will help, with the support of the allies, to hold any flank. When squeezing the enemy in the selected area, we cover vulnerable zones and systematically reduce the population of enemy equipment in a square, realizing the full potential of weapons.

It is quite natural that, having received such a powerful high-explosive at its disposal, the tank simply cannot stand in one place. The car should play from alpha: we leave, we give a shot, we roll back to the cooldown or we move forward.

Otherwise, the tactics of the game are the same for any heavy. We try to avoid open spaces and do not rush in splendid isolation. Remember that artillery shells go well and effectively into the roof of the tank, and nimble fireflies and STs can easily spin and dismantle the steel giant. Therefore, always keep an eye on the mini-map and respond in a timely manner to any changes in the situation in battle.

Type 4 Heavy reviews

We have already deduced the general characteristics of the machine, it remains only to summarize the information. Therefore, we will display the strengths and weaknesses of the Type 4 Heavy in separate blocks.

Excellent indicators of the reduced armor.
Record margin of safety.
One time damage.
Comfortable UVN.
Choice of weapons.
Bulky silhouette.
Low maneuverability.
Long gun reload time.
Weak accuracy.

This can also include low armor penetration rates, however, given that the gun is loaded with high-explosive shells, this does not play a special role.

Type 4 heavy video

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