Connecting router f st 2804 v7. Sagemcom router: step-by-step setup for a teapot

Connecting router f st 2804 v7. Sagemcom router: step-by-step setup for a teapot

Using the Sagemcom Fast 2804 v7 router, it is possible to connect to the Internet via Ethernet technology (eight or four-wire twisted pair) or ADSL (thin telephone cable). In addition, this device allows you to create a wireless network and connect an IPTV set-top box from Rostelecom. In the presented article you will find a description of the process of configuring the Sagemcom Fast 2804 router to work on the Rostelecom network.

Connecting the router to a computer

Before proceeding with the configuration settings of the router, you need to connect it. To do this, connect your computer to one of the LAN ports (LAN2-LAN4) of the router using the patch cord that comes with the device.

If your Internet is through a telephone cable, connect it to the router using the ADSL port. If you are connected to the Internet via Ethernet technology, connect the cable to the LAN1 connector. Then, plug the router into an outlet.

How to update the firmware and start the automatic configuration of the router

The router purchased in the Rostelecom salon comes with a special DVD-ROM, which is necessary for automatic configuration of the device. With the help of the same disc, the subscriber is offered to update the Sagemcom Fast 2804 firmware version from v5 to v7. This is necessary for a more stable connection with the servers, because. This version was developed and adapted specifically for Rostelecom.

After you insert the disc into your computer drive, the Rostelecom Setup Wizard will start automatically. Using the Setup Wizard, you can set all the necessary parameters without connecting to the router's web interface. To do this, select "Full setup" and follow the instructions of the program.

If you want to bypass the Wizard and make all the changes yourself, select the "Update" option. Wait until firmware v7 is installed on the router, after which you can close the program.

Router admin login

After updating the firmware, you can start directly configuring the device in the Web interface:

  • Open an internet browser (browser) on your computer.
  • In the address bar, enter the address of your router, which you can find on the label on the bottom cover of the device. In case this data is missing, go to the properties of the local connection and find the "Default gateway" parameter. This is the address of your router.
  • In the window that opens, the system will ask you to enter your login and password to access the router configurations. This data is also indicated on the label of the router. The most common combination is "admin" and "admin".
  • If the data is entered correctly, the main page of the Sagemcom Fast 2804 v7 web interface will open.

Setting up a network connection

  • Select the "Advanced" tab from the menu on the left.
  • Enter the "WAN service" section. Check all existing connections and click the "Delete" button.
  • In the "Layer 2 interface" section, also delete all content.
  • Click the "Add" button.
  • Now you need to specify the values ​​of the VCI and VPI parameters. These data are individual for each region of Russia. You can find out the meaning of these parameters by contacting .

  • Click Apply and Save.
  • Go to the "WAN service" section and click "Add".
  • Select the newly created connection from the list and proceed further.
  • Now you need to specify the type of connection. As a rule, Rostelecom provides Internet through a PPPoE connection.

  • Specify the username and key for the PPP connection. This information is usually found in about the provision of services. If a copy of the agreement is lost, you can contact Rostelecom customer support. You can specify any service name.
  • Check the box "Retry PPP on error".
  • You don't need to change anything in the next steps. When finished with the settings, click "Apply and Save".

Setting up a router to work with Rostelecom television

To connect a set-top box through the Sagemcom Fast 2804 v7 router, you need to do the following:

  • In the "Second-level interface" section, you need to create another connection and enter the VCI and VPI values, which will differ from the values ​​entered when setting up the Internet.
  • In the "WAN service" section, create a new object and select the created connection.
  • Select the "Bridge" service type and click "Apply".

  • Open the "LAN" tab.
  • Here you need to check the box "Disable DHCP server".
  • Check the "IGMP Snooping" and "IGMP Proxy on the Bridge" options.

WiFi setup

  • In the "WLAN" category, select the "Basic" section.
  • Activate the "Enable wireless network" and "Enable multicast transmission" options.
  • In the "SSID" line, write the name of your access point.
  • Then go to the "Security" category.
  • Select authentication with "WPA-PSK", encryption with "TKIP and AES".
  • Set your password (at least 8 characters).
  • Click Save.

When finished setting up your router, reboot it. To do this, use the "Reboot" button in the "Management" section or simply unplug the router from power for a few seconds.

router [email protected] 2804 v7 rev1 is a universal network equipment needed to connect end devices to the Internet and IP-TV via Ethernet cable, telephone line and wireless cellular communication via 3G/LTE modem.

And in this article, the setup of the Rostelecom fast 2804 v7 router is discussed in detail, as well as its main characteristics and the setup of the 3g modem.

By the way, the advantages of this router are that, despite its relatively low cost, it supports almost all the functions necessary for an ordinary user: from setting up a print server to the possibility of reserving the main Internet channel.

Sagemcom [email protected] 2804 v7: Features

In addition to the standard possibilities for distributing Internet traffic and IP-TV between several functional nodes of the local network, the router [email protected] 2804 also supports additional features such as:

  • - creation of a backup Internet channel (in case of a power outage or problems on the side of the main communication provider);
  • - the ability to use the router as a print server (for connecting several user devices to a network printer);
  • - the possibility of using [email protected] 2804 as a network drive (in other words, when connected to a hard drive router, it can be "used" as a miniature server).

On the front panel of the sadgemcom fast 2804 there is a block of indicators of the router:

1. Power indicator. The normal operation of the modem is indicated by the constant green color of the Power indicator.

If this LED is red, then the fast 2804 modem is in emergency recovery mode, which starts when the router software is slightly damaged.

2. DSL indicator, which with a constant green light notifies the user of a normal ADSL connection, and with frequent flashing - about the establishment of this connection.

3. Internet indicator, which should be solid green if the connection through the Internet account is successful.

4. WLAN indicator, which lights up green when the wifi module is activated on the router.

5. Several ETH indicators that glow when external devices are connected to the corresponding Ethernet port via a network cable.

6. WPS indicator, green indicates successful connection to the user device via .

7. USB indicator indicating successful connection of external media to sagemcom fst 2804 v7.

On the back of the fast 2804 v7 rev1 are:

One ADSL port for connecting to the Internet via a telephone line;

4 LAN ports (for connecting to a router via twisted pair);

A small hole with a Reset button recessed in the case (to reset the router to factory settings, you must press this button with a paper clip or a needle and hold it for 10 - 15 seconds);

Power connector (to which the sagemcom f st 2804 v7 power supply is connected);

Power button;

On the right side panel of sajack fast 2804 are located:

Connecting sagemcom f st 2804 v7

When connecting to the Internet via an ADSL telephone line, the cable provided by the provider should be connected to the splitter input (LINE), and the telephone set and router should be connected to its PHONE and MODEM outputs, respectively.

When connecting to the Internet using WAN Ethernet technology, the provider's network cable must be connected to the first LAN connector of the SajemCom 2804 router.

Modem Rostelecom f st 2804 v7: setup instructions

If the computer (on which the Rostelecom fast 2804 v7 router will be configured) is correctly connected to the router via twisted pair, then the following indication should be present on the router:

The first indicator is solid green;
- the second indicator - slowly blinking green;
- the fourth indicator - lights up or blinks green;
- one of the LAN ports is lit or blinking green.

The setup of the Rostelecom fast 2804 v7 router described in this manual corresponds to the initial setup of the device. If the router was previously in operation, it is recommended to first reset the device to factory settings using the Reset button.

Setting up a Sadgemcom 2804 router using the hardware setup wizard

To launch the fast 2804 router setup wizard, insert the disk supplied with the device into the computer's CD drive and follow the program's further instructions.

When the software installation is complete, the Setup Wizard will automatically start (which can also be launched from the Start menu -> Programs -> Hardware Setup Wizard).

In the process of automatically configuring the Rostelecom fast 2804 router, the following operations are performed:

  • - updating the router software from the installation disk;
  • - selection of the desired router configuration;
  • - configuration of PPPoE connection and 3G redundancy;
  • - diagnostics of equipment performance;
  • - Installing the latest firmware version of the router from the update server.

Manual configuration of the router Rostelecom fast 2804 v7

In the absence of an installation disk, it is recommended to configure the Wi-Fi router [email protected] 2804 manually. To do this, in the address bar of any Internet browser installed on your computer, enter the combination of numbers (the static ip address of the device indicated on the service label on the back of the sagemcom 2804) and press the "Enter" key.

It is recommended to change the default authentication data (login / password) to unique ones later to protect your router from unauthorized access.

Initially, you will be taken to the page of basic technical information about the device.

Modem Rostelecom [email protected] 2804 v7: Ethernet connection instruction

1. To configure the fast 2804 v7 modem by Rostelecom, in the left vertical menu, select the "Additional settings" section:

Here, first delete all connections created by default in the “Wan service” subsection;

In the "Layer 2 interface" tab, delete "DSL ATM";

Go to the "ETH interface" tab: select "eth0/eth0" in the drop-down list, set "VLAN/MUX mode" in the connection mode and click the "Apply/Save" button.

2. When all unnecessary settings are “cleaned up”, return to the “Wan service” tab again, click the “Add” button and select the “eth0 / eth0” port set in the previous step. Click Next.

3. In the next window, select the type of service "PPPoE" and write the value "-1" in the two lower lines. Click "Next"

4. At the next stage, in the "PPP username" and "PPP password" windows, enter the username and password for connecting to the Internet from your agreement with the provider. Click "Next"

5. If the new window contains the columns "Enable NAT" and "Enable Firewall", then put a marker in front of each of them. In subsequent windows (with the standard setup of the Rostelecom fast 2804 v7 router), nothing needs to be changed - click "Next" several times and at the end "Apply / Save" to make changes to the router settings.

How to set up a Rostelecom fast 2804 v7 router with an ADSL connection?

When connecting the Internet via a telephone line, after deleting the standard settings in the first step of the previous instruction, go to "Advanced settings", then "Layer 2 interface" and click the "Add" button.

  • - in the VPI and VCI fields, enter the data from the contract with the provider (they can also be clarified in technical support) and click "Next";
  • - go to "WAN service", click "Add" and select the interface according to the data entered in the previous window. Click next.
  • - in "WAN Settings" select the type "router" and click "Next" again
  • - enter the login, password and PPPoE service name from the Internet connection agreement;
  • - set the marker on the fields "retry PPP on authentication failure" and "Enable IGMP Multicast Proxy", then double-click "Next" and "Apply".

sagemcom f st 2804 v7: wifi setup

Go to the "WLAN Settings" menu section;
- check the boxes "Enable wireless communication" and "Enable multicast transmission over wireless network (WMF)";
- enter "SSID" (this is the name of your Wi-Fi access point) and click "Apply";

- go to the "Security" section;
- Optionally, you can disable the WPS option;
- select the type of authentication "WPA-PSK";
- enter the password for Wi-Fi;
- select WPA encryption "TKIP+AES";
- click "Apply" to save the new settings.

Fast 2804 v7 router: setting up a 3g modem

Below is a sample list of supported sagemcom fast 2804 v7 rev 1 3G USB modems
- HUAWEI: E220, E1550, E1552, E1752, E160G, E176G, E180, E169G, E150, HW601
- ZTE: MF112, MF626, MF627, MF180, MF190A
- Alcatel: X220, X080
- Airplus: MCD-650
- Withtel: WMU-100A
- Anydata: ADU-300
- Yota: LU156 (LTE)

To set up a 3g modem on a fast 2804 v7 router:

Connect the device to a special USB connector on the side panel of the router;

Go to the "3G Configuration" section of the web interface and set the marker to "Enable 3G reservation";

With these settings, when the main (ADSL or Ethernet) Internet connection is disconnected, the router will automatically switch to the 3G/LTE channel.

Sagemcom Fast 2804 v7 Quick Start Guide (PDF, Rus, 0.2Mb)

Description of Sagemcom Fast 2804 v7

Specifications Sagemcom Fast 2804 v7

router [email protected], v7 has a modern powerful CPU that
allows you to access the Internet at maximum speed, and also makes
It is possible to watch several high-definition IPTV channels at the same time.

router [email protected], v7 is 802.11b/g/n WFA compliant and configured
transceiver part "2x2" - this allows you to get a real connection speed up to
80 Mbps The router supports modern security protocols: WEP, WPA, WPA2,
MAC address filtering. In addition to this, the router has an automatic
radio channel selection and a separate button with an indicator providing maximum
simplicity and convenience of connecting wireless devices using the WPS protocol. Also a router
has an additional button on the case for convenient inclusion of the wireless interface.

To provide access to multimedia content through any device and in any
time, router [email protected], v7 can work as a DLNA server version 1.5,
supporting Samba, Webdav and UPnP protocols for transferring multimedia content
(photo, video, music) via local network. The presence of two USB 2.0 Host connectors allows
provide public access to an external USB drive, as well as to a USB printer.

[email protected], v7 supports most modern IP services applicable to double-play
. IPv6
. Full speed IP routing
. RIP V2/V3, IGMP proxy/snooping
. DHCP server/relay/client
. DNS server/relay, Dynamic DNS

The built-in TR-069 client allows the Operator to fully manage and
configuring the router on the user's side remotely. Also for this task can be
standard tools are also used: HTTP, FTP upgrade.

[email protected], v7 contains a brandmauer with the following features:
. Stateful Packet Inspection
. Complete address/port/protocol filtering
It is possible to configure the passage of traffic through the brandmauer and NAT for the following
. VPN: PPTP or IPSec
. VoIP services based on SIP and H.323
. Most popular web applications

Using external 3G USB modem, router [email protected], v7 is able to provide uninterrupted access to the Internet.
When the main channel (ADSL or WAN ETH) becomes unavailable, the router automatically switches to the backup 3G channel.

Open your browser and type in the address bar. To enter the settings, use the login admin, password admin.

The router configuration settings for connecting to the Internet consists of 3 steps:
1. Deleting the previous configuration.
2. Setting up the physical interface (configuring the interface of the 2nd level, indicating which LAN port will be used as the WAN port for connecting the cable FTTB).
3. Configuring the logical WAN interface to work with the physical interface specified in paragraph 2 (configuring the WAN interface with setting the parameters for connecting to the Internet).

It is necessary to delete all previously created logical interfaces set by default in the configuration and create a new layer 2 interface (ETH WAN) to connect to the Internet. To do this, go to the menu item Additional settings -> WAN service, set the checkboxes in the Delete column, in each line with interfaces, and click the "Delete" button.
Next, you need to configure a new physical interface to connect to the Internet. To do this, enter the menu item Advanced settings -> Layer 2 interface -> ETH interface and click the "Add" button.

Parameter selection window will appear ETH WAN in which you need to select the ETH port and connection mode. Since port number 4 on the router will be used as the WAN port for connecting to the Internet, you must select as the ETH port eth3/eth3.

If there is an option VLAN MUX(Several connections through one vlan), then you need to activate it. To save the settings, click the Apply/Save button. Then the interface will be created

After creation ETH layer 2 interface must be created WAN service. To do this, enter the menu item Advanced settings -> WAN service and click the "Add" button

After that, the WAN service interface configuration window will appear in which the layer 2 interface created in the previous step should be selected (in our case it is eth3 / eth3)

On the next page, the WAN service type should be selected − PPP over Ethernet. Leave the WAN service description field unchanged.

In the PPP username field, the Client enters the login, and in the PPP password field, the password given at the conclusion of the contract
In the “Routing-Default Gateway” window, the selected default gateway interface should be the created WAN interface ppp1.1

In the window for selecting the interface of the DNS server, ppp1.1 should also be on the left side

To apply the settings, click “Apply/Save”

Setting up IPTV

To connect the STB set-top box, you need to configure the corresponding virtual interface (WAN service) on the router. By default, the cable from the STB set-top box should be connected to LAN #1 of the router). If you need to connect several set-top boxes, then for stable and correct operation of the service, you need to configure the grouping of interfaces
In the menu on the left Advanced settings -> Layer 2 interface -> WAN service and click the "Add" button

The selected interface must be set to eth3/eth3. In the WAN service configuration selection window, you must select the type of WAN service - Bridging. The description of the service can be left unchanged. To apply the settings, click "Apply/Save".

Grouping interfaces

Interface grouping is performed in order to separate video traffic from other types of traffic in the client's local network. And also in order for the STB set-top box to dynamically receive an IP address from the provider's network, and not from the DHCP server of your router.
To group interfaces, go to the menu on the left Additional settings -> Grouping interfaces. To create, click the "Add" button. We set the parameters as indicated in the screenshot

The router is now configured to watch IP-TV. In the configuration above, the cable from the STB must be connected to LAN1 of the router. If the Client has 2 STBs, then two ports eth0 and eth1 must be combined into an IP-TV group. Accordingly, set-top boxes are connected to the LAN1 and LAN2 ports.

Became fixed: 4 519

1. When connecting to the Internet via an ADSL telephone line, the cable provided by the provider should be connected to the splitter input (LINE), and the telephone set and router should be connected to its PHONE and MODEM outputs, respectively.

Let's consider manual configuration router. For automatic configuration, you need to run the Configuration Wizard and follow Next.

In the address bar of any Internet browser installed on your computer, enter the combination of numbers (the static ip address of the device indicated on the service label on the back of the 2804) and press the "Enter" key.
Here, in the authorization window, enter the login - "admin", the password - "admin" and click "Login"
A window will open in front of you, as shown in the screenshot.

It is necessary to remove unnecessary settings.
Go to the "Network" → "WAN" tab.
Select and delete

Creating an IP-TV connection over an ADSL line

The IP address of the Sagemcom 2804 v7 rev.3 WiFi router in the local network is the same as in previous versions - By default, login and password admin/admin are used for access.

First, enter a new login password. then we switch the WAN interface type from ADSL to Ethernet. Click on "Next", after which the device will go to reboot. This will take a couple of minutes, after which we go back to the web configurator and go to Manual configuration.

After changing the operating mode of the device, the first Ethernet port (LAN1) automatically switches to the WAN port mode and it will be necessary to connect the provider's cable entering the apartment into it.

We also go to the “Network” -> “WAN” section and delete unnecessary connections.

In the end, you need to deal with port grouping in the "Advanced"-> "Interface grouping" section:

Click on the Apply button. Digital TV set.

Setting up a wireless WiFi network Go to the "Network" -> "WLAN" -> "Basic" section:

In the "Standard" list, set "2.4 GHz (B + G + N)", Operating mode - "AP". In the "SSID" field - the name of the network, an automatic name will appear, written on the back of the router. You can also enter any network name you want. Below, the parameter "Channel number" must be set to "Auto". Click on the "Apply" button and go to the "Security" subsection

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