Do tarot cards lie? Why tarot cards can deceive How to check if the cards are telling the truth: small nuances.

Do tarot cards lie? Why tarot cards can deceive How to check if the cards are telling the truth: small nuances.

Dobhan kharka (2470) - Sallagari / Choriban / Chaur bag khola camp (3140).
Sallagari / Choriban / Chaur bag khola camp (3140) - Italian base camp (3600).

In the morning, we first ran to see how our cloud was there, which spoiled yesterday. Luckily she was gone - the sky was perfect. We set off right at dawn, as we were not in the mood to get wet again in the rain. But the mood has noticeably improved - the river was still turquoise!

The section Dovan - Sallagari is even more boring than the previous one, so there are practically no photos. In short, a very muddy trail. Incredibly dirty, ankle-deep in places. But on the other hand, there is a pretty jungle around with rhododendrons, bamboo, ferns and even sea buckthorn, however, wild and tasteless.

I must say, the route is prepared perfectly! In recent years, the path in front of Bagora has been repaired and absolutely all dilapidated bridges have been replaced with brand new metal ones. They replaced it in time, as the old bridge behind Dovan gave way completely.

A brief description of the road: go down, cross Myagdi over the bridge, climb, knead the mud for half a day - at first the up-and-down is quite severe, then the path levels out a little, goes to the river bank (before that there is a good clearing where you can spend the night), and before Sallagari, according to tradition, as before other places of overnight stays, the ASS begins. A barely visible path climbs the scree, descends, rises again through the mossy forest, descends again ... when we were already specifically zadolbalsya, the path led to a clearing with two sheds closed on the occasion of the end of the season at an altitude of 3100. On the map, the height was completely different - 3400 - so I asked Chandra again: "Is this really Sallagari?" "Mom I swear!" he replied. This place looked like someone else's photos, so we resigned ourselves to the fact that for the fourth day we could not gain altitude and stopped for the night.

Fortunately, there was no rain, but a large dense cloud hung over the nearest spur of Tsaurabonga. By about half past two, she slid down and to the south, apparently, flooding Dovan with another rain and everything below. There was no desire to move far from the camp because of the danger of falling under a heavy downpour, so we had fun taking pictures of impossibly greyhound birds and swimming in icy water.

You can’t see any sunrises from there, I don’t know about sunsets - in the evening there was a traditional fog and a fine drizzle. We didn’t go to the Italian camp - the data on the transition was too contradictory, it was not very clear how tired Pasha and Marina were, and the clouds were already gathering. We preferred to believe not the map, but Chandra, who promised an easy transition for 2-3 hours, and decided to arrange the next day instead of a full acclimatization "half" with one night at 3500.

Total: climb for the day 660 m, 4 hours 45 minutes, of which we photographed all sorts of nonsense for more than an hour. Map says: Dovan - Sallagari 4.5 hours. Sallagari coordinates are 28° 40.097"N 83° 25.113"E.

In the morning we walked the first 100 meters and went nuts: further on, the gorge for 4 kilometers was the place where the Tunguska meteorite fell! Literally!!! In the photo below, taken from the base camp, a very large bald spot in the glacier is visible at the bottom right: it seems that this or last summer ALL the ice that had been lying on the slope for decades simultaneously broke off and plowed the gorge beyond recognition.

Thus, this place: is no more.

We walked along the compressed ice, from which trees uprooted and trunks broken like matches with a diameter of 20 centimeters, or even all 30 centimeters, were sticking out. There was a forest around (high and far), mown like grass at a height of a couple of meters closer) and a terrible mess of stones, mud and ice (underfoot). I have never seen such a nightmare in my life.

The second half of the way was more pleasant to go - avalanches did not descend here, which is why the surrounding forest (very pretty) was not damaged.

A little higher, the forest gave way to bamboo thickets and rare trees, among which rose hips grew with amazingly tasty fleshy berries 2-3 cm long. According to tradition, everyone hid a dozen overripe fruits - all of a sudden something will grow from the seeds!

When the Italian camp appeared ahead, we finally realized that our paper map produced by Nepa maps No. NS501 is complete bullshit. In front of the scree marked on the map, there should, in theory, be some Puchhar base camp, behind it - right at the edge - the American base camp, behind the scree - the Italian camp we needed and literally a kilometer from it the Swiss camp, where the Germans were supposed to rest. At the site of Pucciar Camp we found an Italian one; the rest of the camps - both American and Pucciar - did not exist in nature. Therefore, complete crap was written on the map: it was 2 hours to the American camp and from it to the Italian one - another one and a half.

Total: climb for the day 480 m, walk 4.9 km hour 50 minutes plus an hour to rest, total 2 hours 50 minutes. The coordinates of the Italian camp are 28° 41.547"N 83° 26.205"E. And the compilers of the map themselves must be driven along this route so that they do not draw the track and places of overnight stays from the bulldozer!
Map (this is a scan from the Internet, everything is fine here, except for the non-existent American camp)

We are accustomed to maps on flat surfaces and trust them as much as we trust globes. On a certain scale, this is correct - Minsk, or even the whole of Belarus, can be taken for a plane, there will be no big mistakes. But on the scale of a map of the whole planet, it is impossible to say that the Earth is flat.

Any projection of the surface of the ball onto a plane gives errors.

It is impossible to peel an orange and spread the zest on the table in a perfectly flat plane. It is also impossible to indicate on the plane the territory, for example, Russia, without "cutting" it into infinitely small strips.

We are used to conformal projections, where the parallels and meridians intersect at exactly 90°. One of the most famous is the Mercator projection.

Mercator projection

Those States are not so small, only 2.1 times smaller than Russia!

And Greenland, which we are used to seeing in sizes comparable to Africa, is actually 14 times smaller than the Black Continent!

They deal with such errors in different ways.

Sometimes it turns out a heart - as in the Werner projection. The distances along the parallels and along the central meridian are correct, but how flattering Australia is!

Werner projection

Sometimes a tailed dog comes out - as in the projection of Dimaxion. In principle, the areas of the continents are close to correct, and if you cut and fold the map, you get a kind of library, almost a ball. Only if you look at it flat, the neck can be rolled.

Dymaxion projection

Almost all possible projections are ironically described in English. And you can rotate the globe on the screen of a computer or smartphone using Google Earth.

Another deception in which you can introduce yourself from any map and even a globe is the population of the countries of the world.

If you look at Canada even in the "correct" projections, it may seem that many, many people live there. And if in the Philippines - that no more people will fit there than in Belarus.

This can be corrected by a map showing the area of ​​countries in proportion to population density. On the map from TeaDranks (), approximately 500 thousand people fit in each cell.

TeaDranks Equal Population Density Map

And this is how () the world would look like on this map if only people connected to the Internet were taken into account. Do not believe it, our leaders today are no longer VKontakte, but Google!

Map of Equal Density of Internet Users

Alexander Arsenov

I have already written about how to make playing decks and how to start a regular deck for divination. Another relevant question is how to check if the cards are telling the truth. It is very easy to do this. There are 2 proven methods:

Option 1

Take a deck of cards and try to convey your "energy" to them. To do this, think about the future scenario. Ask questions, trying to understand the answers in advance. That is, in simple words - charge the cards. Then mentally ask Are they lying or are they telling the truth? and take cards in pairs. If the first pair turns out to be red, fortune telling will not be accurate. If black - you can safely proceed to the alignment.

Option 2

Ask the cards a very simple question. For example, who am I thinking about now: a man or a woman. Then choose any card from the middle of the deck. If it turns out to be black, the cards will tell the truth. If red - the calculation will not be accurate. And if the exact answer falls out - a king or a lady - fortune-telling will be 100% correct.

How to check if the cards are telling the truth: small nuances

  • Guessing is best on Thursday or Friday. It is believed that it is on these days that the layouts are the most accurate.
  • Do not guess in the morning and afternoon. It is best to ask the cards for advice late in the evening or at midnight.
  • Do not guess who you are in a tense relationship with. It is believed that negative energy can be transferred to someone who is guessing.
  • Do not guess yourself more than 2-3 times a month. Otherwise, you can "guess" your happiness.
  • Always use only 1 deck of cards for spreads. And it doesn’t matter what kind of cards they are: ordinary playing or tarot.

There is a common expression among those who are fond of Tarot, which sounds like "the cards lie."
The cards are lying, the cards are not telling the truth, the cards are fooling, dirty cards - there are many definitions that indicate that something is wrong with the Tarot.
Let's try to check if the statement that the cards lie is true.

Just paper

When you open a new tarot deck, most tarot card literature recommends that you set up the deck, consecrate it - that is, prepare it for work.

But it is important to note the fact that any experienced tarot reader can work with almost any Tarot deck, without conducting "shamanic dances" around it and without consecrating it. So tuning and consecration is the catch?

No way. But what actually happens is not the setting of the Tarot deck, but the setting of the operator, that is, you, to the Tarot cards. But not on “paper”, but on images, symbols and the very idea that this or that Tarot deck gives.

By themselves, the Tarot is the key that allows you to translate your intuitive feelings into associations of Tarot cards, which you subsequently “translate” by giving certain meanings.

"Dirty paper" or "dirty hands"

Your hands, as well as the hands of any other person, contain sweat, which has unique properties and is able to transmit information. It is sweat, and not mythical power, that “soils” Tarot cards.

Imagine a situation. You are researching a subject with the help of tarot cards. You experience emotions, you worry, you are excited - all this information, with the help of sweat, settles on the cards. They, like a sponge, absorb it and express it in the form of a layout or the information you receive.

But it happens (and often enough) that a conflict arises between the pieces of information that entered the Tarot card. And this conflict prevents the subsequent transmission of the Tarot. From this moment on, the distortion of information begins, which you, as well as anyone else, receive from the cards.

It is this property of cards (as well as of any object) that led to the warning "not to give your cards to another person." It is true, on the one hand, but not from the standpoint of prejudice, but from the standpoint of the influence that a person can have on the very structure of the Tarot cards.

"Dirty thoughts"

"Dirty", or rather disordered thoughts are another reason why Tarot cards begin to "lie".

Imagine you, in the process of divination, want something, want to get a specific answer to a specific question. What answer will the Tarot give? - the one that is possible. But it often happens that the possible answer and the desired answer are very different from each other. And then there is a conflict, which, as you already know, goes to the Tarot cards. And then everything is as written - the conflict in the Tarot gives rise to a conflict in perception and you get distorted information. But the cause of this distortion was not the Tarot, but you.

Egregor Taro

Egregor Tarot is another definition that interferes more with the understanding of the Tarot than makes it understandable. “Connecting to egregor Tarot”, “conflict with egregor Tarot”, “help egregor Tarot” - you can find many similar definitions, behind which there is absolutely nothing.

There is no Egregor Tarot, this is a myth that arose as a kind of cultural and esoteric form, designed to slightly embellish and mystify the Tarot itself (which, by the way, does not need this, but the one who pronounces these words needs).

Tarot cards are an evaluation system that connects a person's intuition and reality. An important, primary element of this entire system is a set of classical, basic, universal rules that are imprinted in the Tarot cards. In essence, a Tarot card is a description of the process that takes place in our life. This process belongs to the category of generally accepted (or archetypal) and therefore, with the help of this assessment, it is so easy to adapt (translate into words) your feelings, emotions, manifestations of intuition that arose in the process of prediction.

As you can see, there is only Tarot between information and a person, but not in the form of an “egregore” or “mystical power”, but in the form of a set of classical definitions that help to adapt information.

Tarot cards lie... No, Tarot cards don't lie. They don't know how to do it. “He lies” or, to put it more correctly, the person himself misinforms himself. And it is only in his hands, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word, to make sure that in the process of predicting the Tarot, he receives a minimum of lies and a maximum of truth.

(c) Dmitry NEVSKY

I had a story, but it didn't teach me anything. I guess myself, and not only, for a long time, and, apparently, successfully - because my personal life is not going on. Recently I had an attack, in which my friend a fortune teller introduced me - she introduced me, she herself brought me out. I thanked her and everything. I even remember her address in a nightmare. Long after that she went to monasteries and temples - she atoned for her guilt. I redeemed, it seems, the flattening has ceased. An, no: I am uncertain, apparently, a person - I didn’t go to a familiar fortuneteller, I took the cards myself. And to this day - I guess on every little thing. I don’t even know what it is to make decisions myself. In short, I do not live, but I exist. It's terrible, believe me.

Fool, 25 years old.

I have been guessing since I was 13. I bought the first deck of cards on the sly, for which I later got it from my mother.

And away we go. Tarot cards, gypsy cards, Lenormand, not to mention ordinary cards. Everything came true. People came to me, I told them the truth, as it turned out. Among acquaintances and friends, I gained a reputation as a talented fortune-teller. At the same time, I ran around all the fortune-tellers in my city, which I just didn’t hear. Everything came true.

Didn't get along with the guys. I fell in love at the age of 17. He was not my type, it seems, but something hooked. I caught his eye and realized: not indifferent. And how. Followed me everywhere. But I did not dare to speak, all this time I was intensely guessing, scratching cards, going to fortune-tellers. All as one said that he would enter my life. That everything will be, love, etc.

Three years have passed since then. He never entered my life. I think that even moved away. I see how he flirts with girls. And I'm literally torn apart by jealousy! I kick walls in anger. And what am I doing?! I come home, take a deck and, as if spellbound, do not let go all evening, and so every day. According to the cards, it turns out that I like it more. What's stopping you from getting there then?

Recently I learned that the young man is very pious. Maybe God won't let him see me. Although I'm not sure it's not pride. Or have I missed it forever. We rarely see each other, when we meet, he looks at me, full of sadness and sadness. Either malice or powerlessness. Unclear.

Now I own 5 types of cards, but I have not become happier. I am a beautiful girl, people often pay attention to me, but no one lingers around me for more than three months. I haven't had sex or love for a long time. I get angry and cry quietly. I started having tantrums. I pray because I see no more consolation. But the hand itself reaches for the deck. I begin to understand that here it is - the root of my misfortunes, health problems. The hand does not rise to burn. Better not guess at all. And even more so - not to be a conductor of sin, like me. I just don't know where my destiny is, and whether it exists at all.

Sweetie, 20 years old.

When I was 15, I fell in love with a guy. We met for 2 years, and he left me without explanation, then returned, and for another year we shook each other's nerves. Then he had another, I was ready for anything for him and closed my eyes.

I myself guess on Tarot cards, by the nation I am half a gypsy. And I know how bad it is. My mother bewitched her first husband. He was imprisoned, she still married him in prison, became pregnant, gave birth to a son. But the child, for no reason at 2 years old, had a fever, and he died. The husband left.

She told me not to resort to conspiracies, but I did not listen to anyone. I still feel very bad. The spells had no effect on him. Only I feel very bad. He got married. He had a daughter. And I'm happy for him. I haven't had anyone since I was 15. I am beautiful, and the figure is normal. Guys run, achieve and throw, no one explains anything.

I want to tell all the girls, don't, I ask you, do stupid things, everything is transmitted, if not to you, then through 7 generations. I myself guess to many friends and acquaintances. But I don't resort to conspiracies. Now I still can't forget him, I love him more than life. But nothing comes out, only to my detriment.

Rina, 20 years old.

I think my story is the scariest. I'm reading - people understand that guessing is bad and I can't comprehend it. I got into maps many years ago. There were periods when I forgot about them, but soon everything returned to normal again. Meanwhile, my life is very strange. On the one hand, I have achieved a lot in terms of my career. I even became something of a celebrity. I always tried to help the disadvantaged or those who need psychological support. They say I am a very beautiful, bright girl. Few people know that my personal life is useless. I was married. All the circles of hell have passed. He is a wonderful person, but I (unwittingly) brought him some suffering, because of which, for unknown reasons, after 10 years of trying to save the marriage, we broke up. Our son went to an Orthodox gymnasium because of what he saw in the family of unfortunate parents.

Later, another wonderful man fell in love with me. But I can't let him get too close to my soul either. Because of this, he has terrible outbursts of aggression. I think maybe he's just not destiny. Maybe the other is fate. Not! Others seem to not notice me all so beautiful. Except for those who just want physical pleasure, not love. Like I'm an animal, not a living soul.

Do you know why this is so? They don't want to give me cards to anyone. I feel it right. Tried 10 times to throw them away. But after a while I still buy them. I am insanely afraid of retribution even after death, but the cards should not be underestimated. They are like a jealous husband. They don't let anyone in. It's like I'm their property. And it's true - I'm guessing at them every day. Do you know how I justify myself? I tell my soul that this is just a conversation with the subconscious. I go to church all the time. I'm crying. And that I don’t have a sensible family because of slavery before the cards, I understand. I see that something is wrong, but I have no idea how to be. And if I am not destined to throw off this collar by an effort of will, I want others not to suffer. Don't guess on the cards! Don't go to fortune tellers! You need to turn to God. He will give everything, everything, so that you become what you should become. I love you.

Masha, 32 years old.

Yes! And I keep thinking: why life went awry (but in my youth it went like clockwork) - I guessed, apparently. I read several letters and realized: all my troubles are from these cards (I guess to myself). Today I will burn everything and go to church.

Elena, 42 years old.

I'm into magic. And somehow I decided to try fortune telling on the cards. Little by little at first, but then I began to wonder more and more often. Now I can’t live a day if I didn’t guess at least once. I understand that this is not possible, but only recently I decided that everything is enough. This is the same bad habit as smoking or gambling, and this must be fought. The only thing that saved me from self-hypnosis was the certainty that nothing would come true, but knowing this, I continued to guess.

Please! Do not repeat mistakes! The need for divination is an addiction! You still won’t know your fate, but you can cripple your life.

Moon Witch, 16 years old.

I guessed on the cards before the session. Day 3. As a result, I failed the session. I passed three exams with "2". After that, I was hysterical. This has never happened to me. All my sessions went like clockwork, but here it is. And once, but earlier, I guessed at my betrothed, after which my nephew fell ill. Although it is difficult, it is worth fighting the temptation and not climbing where you should not.

Marusya, 20 years old.

My story is exactly the same as everyone else's.

I learned to guess together with my friends in the seventh grade. Started just as fun guessing on cards in broad daylight. Without any candles, cats and other attributes of witchcraft. Laughter, jokes, fun... And a sense of intrigue. All this dragged on, as casinos and slot machines drag people on. Fortune telling on cards is also gambling. It's just your own life that's at stake here.

I have had a deck of cards since childhood. It belonged to my late grandfather. Playful, of course. I messed with it for hours as a child. And later I started to guess on it. And I can’t say that everything came true, but I couldn’t stop. This is where the hell started! Boys have liked me since childhood. I received my first love note at the age of five. But personal life collapsed and collapsed! There was no one unlucky for me. It all started like this: I liked the guy. As a rule, at first he paid attention to me. Naturally, every day I laid out cards for him. And every time everything ended in failure, even if the cards talked about love and happiness. I would throw them out the window, but grandfathers. They are already forty years old... And I began to guess again and again.

For all my school time, I didn’t have a single romance, although all my friends vied with each other that they were jealous of me - they say, I’m beautiful and smart, and I can charm a person at first sight. But no one was more unhappy than me. Because the girlfriends were with the guys. But not me.

I didn't blame the cards for that. It couldn’t even cross my mind, although my mother said more than once: “Daughter, don’t guess, you’ll lose so many things! You will guess your fate!" At home, by the way, scandals followed one after another.

But I stubbornly did layouts and solitaire ...

When I left home for the university, I did not take my cards with me. I do not know why. Apparently, the instinct worked.

And I got a boyfriend. Everything was going great until I, faced with the first quarrels, took up the old one. Fortune telling on cards, but already online. Taro, Lenormand and a bunch of other dope ...

Naturally, my boyfriend and I broke up. On his initiative - as has always happened to me in the past. Although I saw that he felt bad without me ...

Yesterday he stopped communicating with me, and, in my opinion, forever, a person who had some feelings for me for four years.

I've been wondering about it for almost a month on tarot cards. It said that he loves me.

Last night I stumbled upon this site. I don't know what the truth is. Perhaps each of us simply tries to attribute our mistakes to this destructive passion. But the result is obvious! You can't argue with facts! I will not agitate anyone to give up fortune-telling. But I'll burn my cards as soon as I get home. Because I know that another fate was written for me. All the prerequisites are there! But I, like a small child with a felt-tip pen, climbed into the book of my fate and soiled all the pages of my youth there. Before it's too late, I want to cleanse myself, wash this ink from my life. And let light and warmth into it ...

Nika, 18 years old.

I accidentally went to the site and read ... it seems now it is clear why the person I love is leaving me again. I’ll tell you in great detail, the story is banal, but all the harm of fortune-telling can be seen at a glance.

At the age of 15, like most people, I had my first love, of course, unrequited. Loved very much. Constantly guessing on cards for every little thing, for example, should I go there, will he be there, etc. Often these little things came true clearly, but in general the cards said that it was not my destiny with him. We didn’t have a relationship, but he guessed my feelings and just felt sorry for the stupid girl.

At the age of 19, when the pain from the previous feeling passed, I met a guy. He had a crush on me, and so did I. I guessed at him, and on ordinary cards, and virtual fortune-telling, and everything said that we should be together. I thought he was my destiny. Fell in love. And she kept wondering. But then suddenly I began to feel that this guy treats me only as an acquaintance, a girlfriend. He very calmly told me that he met a girl and wants to be with her. I was very hurt again, but I learned to perceive him only as a friend, suppressed love in myself.

Then I learned from mutual friends that initially I was interested in him as a girl (!), But then for some reason he began to treat me as a friend. I was scratching my head - what is the reason for this? And she wondered, wondered, wondered ... now the cards said that we would not be together with him.

Two months ago, I accidentally met a man, looked into his eyes and realized - that's HE. This man, as far as I understood from his words, felt the same. We started dating.

I started wondering again. Fortune telling on cards, virtual divination, solitaire, etc. Everything said that this person is my destiny, my future husband, and that we will have a child with him. And suddenly I suddenly felt that he was cold to me. What followed was a lengthy showdown. He said he would call when he could meet. He didn’t call for a whole week, and every day I wondered if he would call or not? The cards began to lie. They said that he did not want to see me, that he was my betrothed. And they said almost every day - today he will call ... Desperate, I went to a fortune teller. I was given the answer that we would continue to communicate with him as friends, but there would be no more relations.

As a result, it turned out that he got a job in another city and worked late, so he did not call. Yesterday he wrote that he really does not want to lose me, at least as a friend, but, alas, he cannot give me more.

That is, everything turns out as predicted to me.

But I now know that this is a lie told to lead me astray.

Thanks to the letters I read on this site, I will never again guess and believe in predictions. I will not give in, I will fight for my love.

Amantea, 22 years old

First of all, I want to thank God and all those who left their stories about the dangers of divination on this site.

I have been for a long time dabbled in tarot cards, got to the point that I guessed every day. I often have nightmares, I sleep with light, I constantly feel someone's bad presence.

My personal life is not working out, it has also become bad with work, I feel that I am losing myself.

About a month ago, I realized all the consequences of my passion for divination and esotericism. I went to church, took communion. Removed from the "favorites" all online fortune-telling.

And now, now, I went to Yandex, typed “fortune telling for love” in the search bar and got to this site, which, one might say, saved me from yet another weakness to tell fortunes.

Thank you all for this!

I thank God for enlightening me in this way!

Irina, 31 years old.

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