The meaning of the word "honor. definition of honor honor offered what does it mean

The meaning of the word "honor. definition of honor honor offered what does it mean

HONOR, -and, about honor, in honor and in honor, w. 1. Worthy of respect and pride in the moral qualities of a person; its respective principles. Debt of honor. A matter of honor (concerns someone's honor). Hit someone. h. Court of honor (officer). 2. Good, spotless reputation, good name. H. family. Take care of hours from an early age (ate). H. brand name. Black uniform (about someone's official authority, reputation; ironic).3. Chastity, innocence. Maiden part 4. Honor, respect. Ch. for work. Give hours to someone. Ch. and glory to the heroes! * It would be an honor to be offered (colloquial) - it is said in response to a refusal, as you wish, do not want and do not need to. Your (your, his, her, their) honor (obsolete) - in Russia before the revolution: the same as your (your, etc.) mercy. There is, but not about your honor (proverb: yes, but not for you). In honor who (colloquial) - is held in high esteem. in honor of someone or something preposition with genus n. - especially for the sake of someone, as a sign of respect for someone-something. Reception in honor of the delegation. With honor to get out (from some kind of position) - to find a worthy way out. To do honor to someone - 1) to characterize from the good side. Such an act does honor to his mind and heart, 2) to show respect. Do honor with your visit. I have the honor (to ask, offer, inform) (obsolete) - a politeness formula in a speech addressed to a superior person. I have the honor to introduce my friend to you. To whose credit - characterizes someone well, does honor to someone. A lot of honor to whom (colloquially disapproved) - did not deserve, someone is not worthy. something Should I apologize to him? Lots of honor. To salute - 1) to whom, to greet, putting a hand to a headdress. salute an officer; 2) what, to pay due attention to what-mu-n. (joking). Salute the meal. The field of honor (obsolete high) is the same as the battlefield. It's time (or should) and honor to know

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salute- trump
take under the visor (make under the visor)
Synonym dictionary

Honour- and. the inner moral dignity of a person, valor, honesty, nobility of soul and a clear conscience. A man of honour, unsullied honour. Honestly, I assure you...
Dahl's Explanatory Dictionary

Honour- honor, honor, carry, that (old.). 1. Read. 2. Consider, believe.
Explanatory Dictionary of Ushakov

In Honor Preposition- 1. from the genus. pad. Use when referring to: 1) someone. or something, as a sign of respect, respect for which some kind of action and 2) a solemn occasion for smth.; on the occasion of........
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Honor According to Honor Adv. Razg.- 1. As befits; good, worthy, honor honor.
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Honor Honor Adv. Razg.- 1. As befits; good, decent.
Explanatory Dictionary of Efremova

Honor Acceptance — -
acceptance of the protested draft by a third
face to rescue
credit or reputation
drawer, that is, the person who issued the draft.
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- - publication of such information in the press, broadcast on radio and television in newsreels
programs, presentation in office
characteristics, public ........
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Economic dictionary

Honour- -and; and.
1. The totality of the highest moral and ethical principles of the individual (honesty, decency, conscientiousness, etc.); maintaining dignity and respect...
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Dissemination of Information Discrediting the Honor and Dignity of Citizens and Organizations- - publication of such information in the press, broadcast on radio and television in newsreel programs, presentation in official characteristics, public statements, ........
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Information discrediting honor and dignity- - information that does not correspond to reality, containing a statement about a violation by a citizen or organization of legislation or moral principles (about committing ........
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Honour- - a category that means a moral assessment of a person by society, as well as self-esteem. One of the intangible benefits (Article 150 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) belonging to a person from birth; inalienable........
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Honor Dignity, Business Reputation- (legal protection), according to Russian law, a citizen or legal entity has the right to demand in court a refutation of discrediting his honor, dignity or business reputation ........
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Glory, Honor- “Give glory to God” means: do not pervert the truth (Joshua 7:19; John 9:24). The most important advantage of man over animals is his soul, which is why it is named........
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Honour- see "Glory".
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Blessing, Honor— Philosophical meaning of the term: Virtue (Stoics, Cicero, Horace, Lucan).
Philosophical Dictionary

recognition that others voluntarily express to a person as a carrier of individual values ​​realized in him and by himself (respect); the recognition (self-respect) with which a person treats himself as a person (self-esteem) or which, in his opinion, he has the right to demand from people in his social circle (vanity). The awakening and careful development of a subtle and moderate sense of self-esteem is one of the most important and most difficult tasks of education, since the development of the individual, fruitful for the person himself and for society, largely depends on this feeling.

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the concept of moral consciousness and the category of ethics, closely related in many ways. similar to the category of merit. Like dignity, the concept of Ch. reveals a person's attitude to himself and the attitude towards him from the society. However, unlike the concept of dignity, the moral value of a person in the concept of Ch. is associated with the specific social position of a person, the type of his activity and the moral merits recognized for him. on the contrary, it differentially evaluates people, which is reflected in their reputation. Accordingly, Ch. requires a person to maintain (justify) that reputation, which he himself or the collective has, to which he belongs. Historically, the concept of Ch. arose in the moral consciousness of the society in the form of an idea of ​​the tribal and estate Ch. (a moral requirement that prescribes a person a way of life and actions that does not degrade the dignity of a certain estate or clan). In feudal morality, estate morality, in particular, included demands not to enter into equal relations with people of the “lower” classes, to challenge an offender to a duel, not to engage in work that was humiliating for a nobleman, etc. Having abolished feudal privileges, the bourgeoisie at the same time retained class understanding of Ch., making it dependent on the social status of a person. The bourgeois ideologists Fichte, Hegel, and Bentham, not to mention the more reactionary representatives of ethical thought, associate the concept of private property with the possession of private property. Even when this concept is associated with the individuality of a person (W. Hawking, R. Fluelling) - see Self-realization ethics), in most cases it turns out that the manifestation of this individuality is possible only for persons in a privileged position. In a class society, where Ch. is always associated with one form or another of inequality, it, on the one hand, degenerates into arrogance, arrogance, vanity, false pride, and on the other hand, for those who are deprived of these privileges, it gives rise to a feeling of offended pride, and sometimes a humiliating desire to assert one's prestige by slavish imitation of the "higher" classes, flattery and currying favor with those in power. In the socialist society, the concept of Ch. significantly changes its content. In place of class Ch. comes the requirement to protect the Ch. of his team, profession (Professional ethics), the people as a whole (Patriotism.). In an individual Ch., only the personal merits of a person are taken into account, first of all, his work and the measure of humanity, depending on which the measure of honor and respect rendered to him is determined. In the socialist community Ch. acts as a truly moral stimulus that encourages a person to commit acts for the common good. At the same time, a person's attitude to his actions with t. sp. Ch. is no longer considered by the socialist society as the highest form of manifestation of consciousness and morality of motives. The concept of dignity, which has a broader meaning, comes to the fore. If Ch. prescribes a person to perform moral deeds for the sake of confirming his or collective merits before the society, then dignity requires each person to do everything for the good of the society, regardless of what his past merits and. what is the specific type of activity. The concept of Ch. implies in relation to a person that measure of respect, to-ruyu he deserved, the dignity of the individual is based on the equal right of everyone to respect.

Honor is a rather voluminous concept, which has recently been forgotten. However, in the culture of many nations, it is even more important than human life. So what is honor?

Dictionary meaning

This is a complex concept that combines loyalty to one's own principles, nobility, dignity, craving for justice. Now such things often fade into the background, because the definition of what honor is, not everyone knows. The dictionary says that these are respectable moral qualities and ethnic principles of a person. Associations with this word in Russian culture are only good. He was often heard in speech, it was found both in prose and in songs. A man of honor is one who can live according to his conscience and maintain his dignity even in the most difficult situations. Power and wealth are secondary to him.

Ideas about this are laid at an early age - for how well a person will follow his ideals, his parents are responsible. In the future, he himself is responsible for the state of his moral core.

What is female honor?

Interestingly, the meanings of this word in relation to people of different sexes were different. What is honor for a girl? Previously, it consisted only in the observance of chastity, for married woman- in marital fidelity. There were different methods of punishment for the one who did not retain her virginity before the wedding - in the 19th century, such brides were put on a collar, and not only the delinquent herself could receive it, parents and the matchmaker were also punished. It was the latter who was considered the main person responsible for the chastity of the bride.

Requests for wives were even tougher - an unfaithful spouse could be whipped or beaten. Only in the last century did cruel punishments end - now, although dishonor is condemned, no serious problems are expected from society. Now it all comes down to whether a woman cheats or not in a relationship with a partner. Moral criteria also began to matter, which will be discussed later.

Honor in a broad sense

For a man, this concept also includes a sexual aspect - if he cheats on his wife, then he is a dishonorable person. But the matter is not limited to this - the term covers morality as a whole, and no longer has a dependence on gender. Deception of other people for the purpose of obtaining benefits, their use, the ability to leave another in trouble, forget about the word given to someone - all this makes a person dishonorable.

People who want to know what honor and dishonor are should remember that following one's ideals is the main postulate of any person who wants to maintain his dignity. Also in this concept includes a spotless reputation and a good name - which is still expensive now, since reliable people are not so common, and they are highly valued.

professional honor

They talk about what a person's honor is, and in relation to his profession. This concept deserves special attention in the Armed Forces. Here it is a collective concept that defines the attitude of a warrior to colleagues, military duty and the Fatherland.

It should be noted that earlier in the army this word was much more common than now. The troops had the term "salute", which at the end of the last century was replaced by a faceless "military greeting". It meant paying honors to another military man. This concept was especially valued in the Russian Empire. The defeat for the warrior of those times was a grave shame, which not everyone could morally cope with. Those who wish to know what an officer's honor is, one can simply say - it is a duty to protect the borders and dignity of the country.

What honor gives a person?

In moral terms, adherence to principles gives a lot - with its help, even the most difficult and terrible obstacles can be overcome. Its advantages are freedom from low deeds and a sense of self-worth.

How to become a man of honor?

If you think that you are not following the principles, although you would like to, you will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve success. Learn to keep commitments and promises. It is important to understand what a matter of honor is - something that must be done. Train yourself not to make unrealistic promises and to keep your word is the first step.

Arrange psychological training. Fear and fear are things that you must not allow in yourself. The stronger they are, the more likely it is that in a difficult situation you will be cowardly. Work on yourself will help overcome fear, and if it’s not easy to cope without someone else’s help, you should resort to psychological training to help you become more confident. And remember - only in difficult situations, judge whether you have achieved success.

The main thing is self-improvement. If you develop, you can soberly assess the possibilities, not only see negative character traits, but also try to win in the fight against them, then you will take the right path.

Honour is a principle of human behavior based on good values such as honesty, dignity, courage and other characteristics that are considered socially virtuous .

The concept of honor can be associated with several meanings related to a sense of pride ("personal honor") and the behavior of contemplation or admiration of some of the most used. Example: "She gave him the honor of his company" or "The man kept the honor as a true king."

Idea "to be honored" can also mean "to be famous", i.e. someone who has privileges or distinctions from others at any given time. Also, "honor" can be offered to someone in the sense of honor as a way to show respect. Typically, people who are honored receive a symbol such as a diploma or a medal of honor.

Term "men of honor" for example, used to refer to those trustworthy people who keep their actions or promises.

In the religious realm, honor is understood primarily as an act of worship or veneration for a deity or saint. Example: "Celebration in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

The so-called "Ten Commandments of the Kingdom of God" are present in the holy Bible of Christian teaching, and among them is the commandment "honor father and mother" that is, to respect and admire them. as it is also present in Messages to Romans 12:10: “Love one another in brotherly love, honoring one another in honor.

Previously, honor was also associated with the virginity and purity of girls, who had to maintain their chastity in order to "maintain their honor", their "dignity as a woman."


Maiden of Honor represented by the figure of a girl carrying wedding rings at a wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, bridesmaids wear a dress and carry wedding rings, scattering rose petals.

Synonyms of honor

  • worship
  • chastity
  • dignity
  • difference
  • righteousness
  • arrogance
  • purity
  • glory
  • honesty

See also the meaning of honoris causa.

    HONOR 1, -and, and.

    1. The totality of the highest moral and ethical principles of the individual. A matter of honor. Swear on honor.Batiushka said to me: - Farewell, Peter. Serve faithfully to whom you swear; obey the bosses; do not chase after their affection; --- and remember the proverb; take care of the dress again, and honor from a young age. Pushkin, The Captain's Daughter. He was a man of a new breed: Exceptionally understood honor, And even sinless income He called theft, liberal! N. Nekrasov, Masha. [Von Schlittau:] I am a former officer and a man of honor. A. N. Tolstoy, Businessman. || Dignity (personal, professional, military, etc.). Military honor. Working honor.He had no concept of officer honor. Drunk drunk and drunken debauchery. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Poshekhonskaya antiquity. He was supposed to be the last to leave the battle - this is how he understood his commanding honor. Simonov, From the Black to the Barents Sea. || what or which. A good, spotless reputation, a good, honest name. Brand honor.“My wife,” continued Prince Andrei, “is a wonderful woman. This is one of those rare women with whom you can be dead for your honor. L. Tolstoy, War and Peace. - And the honor of our MTS is dear to you? You don't value her. Nikolaev, The Tale of the Director of MTS... || Chastity, purity, virginity (about women). Lose honor.[Marina:] I cherished my honor as a girl more than an eye. You ruined me for nothing, deceived me. L. Tolstoy, Power of darkness. [Vasiliev] knew that there are such immoral women who, under the pressure of fatal circumstances, are forced to sell their honor for money. Chekhov, Seizure.

    2. Honor, respect. They call him [Chartkov] in print by his first name and patronymic - an honor that is completely unknown to him until now. Gogol, Portrait. [Mastakov:] People must be distinguished not by their words, not by their clothes, but by their work. Who knows how to work, that and the honor. M. Gorky, Old Man.

    3. Obsolete High rank, position, rank; honor. [Prisoner:] The king rewarded his merit with honor AND gold. Basmanov in the Tsarist Duma Now he is sitting. Pushkin, Boris Godunov. The young ataman of the Zimoveyskaya village with dignity accepted a high military honor: not so much - in thirty years he became the ataman of the Don army, which went to war. Zlobin, Stepan Razin.

    4. That which gives the right to honor, respect, recognition is honorable. Zhukovsky is credited with introducing romanticism into Russian poetry. Belinsky, Poems by V. Zhukovsky. And he dreamed that she should read Faust from the Nizhny Novgorod stage. But, stupid, she rejected this honor And his passion rejected arrogantly. Martynov, Shevchenko's diary. If he releases me from the honor of being his second, I can go to Sapozhkov and persuade him to apologize. Kaverin, Unknown friend.

    5. About who or what they are proud of, to whom or what they pay tribute to, admiration, etc. Young mare, Honor of the Caucasian brand. What are you rushing, daring? And your time has come. Pushkin, Young Mare. - Our writers are the honor and glory of our country. Sollogub, Tarantas.

    In honor of someone something- as a sign of respect, reverence for someone, smth., memory of someone, smth.

    (Not) in honor (obsolete) - (not) held in high esteem.

    Out of honor (obsolete) - for the sake of one honor, out of respect; selflessly. [Bata] added that it was not money that was dear to him, but out of honor he was ready to serve Hadji Murad. L. Tolstoy, Hadji Murad.

    To my credit whose- to the dignity of smb.

    By honor- properly, conscientiously. - Our children want to live by honor, by reason. M. Gorky, Mother.

    By honor (say) (in meaning introductory next; obsolete) - frankly, frankly, frankly. [Prince:] You are avoiding my gratitude. [Arbenin:] To tell you the truth, I can't stand her. Lermontov, Masquerade.

    With honor (do what) - very good, highly commendable.

    honor honor and honor by honor- the way it should be, the way it should be, the way it should be.

    Honor and praise to whom cm. praise .

    Honor (do what) - of good will, without coercion.

    do honor to whom cm. do .

    have the honor with neopr. (obsolete) - is used as a polite or obsequious form of address, meaning: to be honored.

    Salute - 1) (to whom) to greet someone in a military way, putting a hand to a headdress. [Quartermaster] quickly put his hand to his head ---. - How dare you salute without a cap? - shouted the commander. Novikov-Priboy, We joked; 2) ( to whom) to show someone signs of respect, to pay honors. They went to the field where their comrades were shot, saluted, last duty, buried them in mass graves. Furmanov, Lbischenskaya drama; 3) ( what) (joke.) to pay due attention to smth. Of French cuisine, he saluted only the Rouen duck. Nikulin, faithful sons of Russia.

    Ask for honor- to ask without threats, counting on obedience, voluntary consent.

    To be honored to whom- to be at someone's mercy

    Count ( or put etc. ) for honor what- recognize honorable for themselves.

    Come out with honor Of what- find a decent way out of smth. predicament.

    field of honor (obsolete and high) - a battlefield, battle.

    court of honor- public court, considering 673 about morality, dropping dignity, compromising someone. (originally existed in the officer environment).

    It would be an honor to be offered- is used as an answer expressing an indifferent, indifferent attitude towards someone. refuse to accept any offer to agree to etc.

    Your (your, his, their) honor (obsolete) - in a respectful appeal of the lower to the higher or when referring to a third person who is higher than the speaker in origin, position; the same as your (yours, his) mercy.

    Necessary ( or it's time) and honor to know cm. know 1 .

    honor and place to whom (obsolete, now joke.) - a polite invitation to sit down, take a place worthy of it.

    I have the honor to bow cm. bow down.
  • HONOR 2, respect, honor; nesov., trans. (owls. honor 1). Obsolete Recognize, count. [Fufaikin:] You, therefore, are discriminating, but you don’t even consider me a person? Nevezhin, childhood friends. Bobrok is revered as a wizard, because he is a scholar and has seen a lot. S. Borodin, Dmitry Donskoy.

    HONOR 3, respect, honor; nesov., trans. Obsolete Read. - We had an African soldier in the village, so he used to start the hymnal honor ... exactly the drum beats ... Deftly read! M. Gorky, Case with fasteners.

Source (printed version): Dictionary of the Russian language: In 4 volumes / RAS, Institute of Linguistics. research; Ed. A. P. Evgenieva. - 4th ed., erased. - M.: Rus. lang.; Polygraphic resources, 1999; (electronic version):

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